Out of the past


Oct. 14, 2010

The City Council voted unanimously to offer the job of city manager to Michael A. Hart. The council re-interviewed Hart and Vince Paris, the other finalist for the job. Before its regular meeting Monday and decided to offer the job to Hart. Hart, 46, is the former city manager of Watervliet. He currently resides in West Bloomfield. He was chosen from 42 applicants, six of whom were interviewed by the council Oct. 2.

Nice weather helped draw a large crowd to the Oct. 8 Davison High School 2010 Homecoming parade and football game. Davison beat Flushing, 24-10, and senior Peyton Sigourney was crowned Homecoming Queen during the half-time festivities. Senior Teryn LaFerney was Miss Congeniality, Aaron Snyder reigned as Homecoming King and Branden Hendershot was named Mr. Congeniality.


Oct. 11, 1995

In the 24 years Darlene Tomczak has been teaching math at Davison High School, the world has changed dramatically, and teaching has adjusted with it. “When we started, calculators were not inexpensive and readily available,” said the new district math and science department coordinator. “We used to hand them out.” But today, “in the workplace they’re out there,” with machines indicating correct change and such.” That realization has become a guiding factor for Tomczak’s new role as coordinator.

As the Davison Cardinals regroup from their Oct. 6 loss at Owosso, coach Dick DeLoge is trying to find answers to why the gridders are 204 I the Big Nine Conference. “We’re sort of falling apart at the seams,” he said of the 24-8 drubbing by the Trojans. “We clearly could have won. We gave them the ball in prime field position.” Davison maintained possession for most of the first quarter, with Owosso only managing four plays, said DeLoge, “so you know we had to be moving the ball.”


Oct. 14, 1970

The Davison City Council met Monday evening with relatively few matters of importance on the agenda. The contract to be signed for the joining of the Davison sewage system to the Genesee County sewage system has been received by the city office. Several revisions were suggested and approved by the council. The signing of the contract was tabled by the council until next meeting. The joining of the two sewage systems is planned for June, 1971.

There are some persons in the Davison area that are making a mess out of the campaign signs put up by candidates. Last week over 60 signs were torn down in the area for no reason at all. Outside of the principle of the whole affair, there is the high cost to the candidates trying to become elected to serve the area in putting up those signs. The fact that so many of them want to serve us is good. It is too bad a few hairbrains have to get their kicks out in such a juvenile way.


Oct. 8, 1920

One of the musical treats of the season will be accorded the residents of Davison on Oct. 22, when Glen Ellison, the famous baritone, comes to the auditorium. Just listening to him and watching him is enough to make your troubles slip from your shoulders and vanish away. The concert will be by invitation and the music lovers of Davison are fortunate in having their chance to hear him in some of his best songs.

Mrs. Ed Pfohl guessed the nearest number of seeds in a pumpkin shown in the bakery window and carried off the big cake. The actual number of seeds I the pumpkin was 470 and Mrs. Pfohl guessed 475. — Compiled by Gary Gould from the files of the Davison Index.