Out of the past


Dec. 16, 2010

With a rough estimate of what it will cost to bring a Dog Park to Davison Township, Denice Wagner is looking to the community for more support to get things under way. News broke last month that officials from the township were participating in talks with Wagner, the leader of the movement, about the possibility of bringing a dog park to the Black Creek Trail. From that news, Wagner said she has received an outpouring of support and positive feedback from the public.

The First Chili Charity Cookoff was held downtown in Davison, Dec. 11. The event raised $800 for Outreach East and organizers are calling it a success. Which will hopefully continue to grow next year. Part of the Home for the Holidays event, there was a Living Nativity held downtown, arts and crafts for kids and Santa Claus made an appearance.


Dec. 13, 1995

A group of residents appeared at the Davison Township Board meeting Dec. 11 to query on the panel on possible ways to stop development of a parcel of land in the Vassar Park neighborhood. About 12 people heard Supervisor Don Parks explain the township no longer controlled the property and their objections to its improvement were misdirected. “We have released the land,” he said. “We don’t have control of it now.,” although the property had been in the township’s control until its sale in December 1994 to developer Paul Shagena. Resident Theresa Coleman told the board that an endangered species of flower, the trillium, doesn’t bloom until spring but is found on the site.

Hill Elementary Third grader Alyssa Palma has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to get an idea from the design to production stage. As winner of a school contest to design a new sweatshirt for Hill, she recently visited a local silkscreening shop with principal Lance Harper and a few classmates. Hilton Screeners owner Kent Elliot explained the process of screening a design onto a sweatshirt from the computer layout to production of the finished product.


Dec. 16, 1970

City Councilman Ted Leffler Monday night brewed up a tempest in a teapot. Tuesday morning the City Superintendent’s office poured it down the drain. The problem concerns providing water for the new Davison High School in time for its opening next fall. Alternate plans have been discussed, and still are. “We have mulled this thing over for a long time. I am afraid we could end up with a half-million-dollar program and greatly increased water rates,” said Leffler. “If the water isn’t there when they (the school) needs it, I don’t want to be around here. And time is getting short.” City Superintendent Donald R. Smith and his assistant, Lou Gettings, Tuesday morning assured the Index there is really no problem about delivering the water on time. The problem, they said, is to select the best possible plan for the long-time investment.

The snow, cold and all-around ad weather may slow or even postpone some events, but it didn’t stop Davison from racking up its third win of the year as Davison posted a 69-66 win over Beecher. The win left Davison with a perfect record, 3-0, heading into this week’s action with Owosso (played last night) and Kearsley on Friday. The Cardinals had excellent scoring balance with Larry Pager hitting 21 followed by Steve Flemming with 14, George Blakely with 12 and Al Coon with 11. Also playing outstanding ball was Stan Selesky who dumped in eight points in a substitute role.


Dec. 10, 1920

Pilgrim Pageant “Faith of our Fathers,” commemorating the 300th anniversary of the landing of the pilgrims, given by Davison Public Schools on Dec. 21, 1920, Davison Town Hall, 8 o’clock. Children 15 cents, adults 25 cents.

Mrs. Norah Alexander has about a quarter ton of coal stolen a few nights ago. It would pay residents this winter to keep everything under lock and key. — Compiled by Gary Gould from the files of the Davison Index.