Out of the past


May 13, 2010

It badly needed a makeover. The Davison Township Board of Trustees decided in March to take on the task of restoring the historical Pine Grove Cemetery to what it was like more than 150 years ago. Township officials want the community to see the improvements they made to the final resting place of so many Davisonites. A rededication ceremony will take place at the cemetery at 2 p.m. on May 27.

Richfield Township Police Chief Boyd Skellenger a $48,628 early retirement package from the township board, Tuesday. His last day as chief will be May 28. The board then voted to name Sgt. Larry Gritzinger, 27-year veteran of the department, as Skellenger’s replacement – bypassing a recommendation by the outgoing chief to make Lt./Det. Tony Craig the new chief.


May 10, 1995

Plans to continue two different bond projects in Davison met with different results at Monday’s meeting of the Davison City Council. Members unanimously approved wording of an “intent resolution” to issue and sell revenue bonds for improvements to the water and sewage disposal system. But Mayor Kay Ann Adair stalled a proposed June 26 special election for a bond proposal for street improvements, after the six council members split in their vote.

It was supposed to be a regular meeting of the Davison Middle School Parent Advisory Committee. Since alleged “gang” activity has been a recent topic of discussion, school officials decided to make that the focus of the meeting. No one expected an estimated 100 people, including some non-parents, to be present Monday evening. What transpired was a lively, sometimes emotional display of concern from the public. Some voiced stories of alleged beatings of young people reported to be connected with “initiation rites.” Others said their students were fearful of even going to school because of weapons and threats.


May 13, 1970

Mrs. Barbara J. Hubbard, district manager, reports that the 1970 Census of Population and Housing is nearing completion in this area and that in another week the census takers should have visited every residence on their lists. The census takers are calling at homes from which the questionnaires were mailed back, as well as those from which questionnaires were returned incompletely filled out.

Five youngsters went out on a litterbug spree at 5 o’clock in the morning last Saturday. They were spotted by Davison Township officer George Stevens and City officer Bob McKenna tossing newspaper scraps out of their car. The cruiser followed them from Oak Road north to Clark Road, west to State Road and then to Coldwater Road. There, the officers caught up with the young hoodlums. The driver was charged with reckless driving.


May 7, 1920

There is much talk of more power needed at the electric light plant. At the time the Black Creek ditch was dug it was said the engineer reported a twenty-foot fall between the village and Irish Road. If the ditch be deepened, dams at twenty or even forty rod intervals would enable the current to run waterwheels of moderate power. In the aggregate these wheels would generate a large amount of electric current for several months of the year. The first installation should not be of prohibitive cost. The fuel saved would pay for the cost in a few years. — Compiled by Gary Gould from the files of the Davison Index