Out of the past


June 3, 2010

Jerry Richards grew tired of the deplorable conditions at Pine Grove Cemetery in Davison Township when visiting the resting place of so many of his relatives. Richards said he was pleased when he saw the makeover Davison Township officials had done with the historic cemetery. “It’s wonderful what the township has done,” he said. “It was really messed up. It’s marvelous what they did to it. It was in pretty sad shape before. Thank you.”

Song of the Lakes Sweet Adelines Chorus of Davison and the Flint Arrowhead Chorus are hosting the annual Region #2 Sweet Adelines “Got Harmony Day Camp” and “The Young Women in Harmony Benefit Show” on June 26. Those participating in the day camp will also be performing at the evening benefit show.


May 31, 1995

Efforts continue to establish a substation for the Davison Area Fire Department in Richfield Township, with Tri- Unit government representatives scheduled to review a committee report June 19. Richfield Township Supervisor Jeff Houston presented the report to the Davison Area Fire Authority on May 23, emphasizing it addressed the mechanics of the facility, but not one of the major variables. “All the lights are green, but we need Richfield Township residents to man that station,” said Houston. “We have to get that commitment from our residents.”

It might be Kurt Soper’s education taking the helm, when he explains why he’s the new president of the Davison Area Environmental Team. His wife, “Marge was the one who really spearheaded it and I’m just taking my turn at watch.” Soper is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kingspoint, NY, having received a degree in nautical science.


June 3, 1970

Lack of steel was given the Davison Board of Education Monday night as the reason for delays in construction of the new high school. The board was told the failure was in the original fabrication centers and many key pieces were missing, slowing the entire process. While marking time, other work, such as preparing the parking lot, is being pushed.

The Davison Community Board of Education Wednesday filled the vacancy created by the departure of Arthur C. Bartner as head of the school’s music department. Chosen for the position is Robert Longfield, who came to Davison a year ago after getting his bachelor’s degree in music at the University of Michigan.


May 28, 1920

A big mass meeting to discuss the consolidated school question will be held at the Davison Town Hall Tuesday evening, June 1, at 8 o’clock eastern standard. Mr. W.L. Coffey, assistant superintendent of public instruction of Michigan, will be the principal speaker. Representatives from Gaines, Goodrich and Grand Blanc will be present. These people are from our own county and have tried out the consolidated school and can tell us just how it works in their community. This is a vital question…the education of our boys and girls is at stake. Don’t vote without becoming informed. — Compiled by Gary Gould from the files of the Davison Index