Paid school lunch prices going up this school year

FLINT TWP. — Meal prices are going up this coming school term for Carman-Ainsworth students.

Increased prices for breakfast and lunch at all grade levels were approved by the C-A school board at its July 31 meeting.

Students al all grade levels will pay $1.25 for breakfast — a 25-cents increase from last year.

Lunch at elementary schools will cost $1.70, a 10-cent increase, and lunches at the middle and high schools will be $2.10 — a 25-cents increase.

Free lunches will remain free.

The price increases were made to comply with guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requiring school districts to align lunch prices more closely with federal reimbursement rates. Those rates are based on a weighted average of lunch prices and the number of lunches sold each year.

The changes require the district to review lunch prices every year and could result in another price increase for the 2013-14 school year.

“We may or many not have to come back a year from now with another price increase,” said assistant superintendent Russ Parks.

Prices were increased by 10 cents across the board last school year, under the same federal law requirement.

In a survey of 40 local school districts., Carman meal prices fall toward the middle, Parks said.

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