Pandemic is a global crisis

This is the fourth time I have tried to compose this letter to the editor regarding the opinion of Mary Mieczkowski. She believes the governor has taken away our freedoms and she’s proud of the demonstrators for fighting back. I couldn’t disagree more.

I am not crippled by fear of COVID-19. I have a ‘healthy’ respect for it and so I social distance, wear a mask, stay home and follow the guidelines of the scientific community. This is not a Michigan issue or a U.S. issue. This is GLOBAL. Everyone everywhere is impacted and at risk.

A recent survey indicated that 66 percent of Americans are concerned that the country will reopen too soon. And yet, a small band of macho acting, armed men have decided that their rights have somehow been taken away. And they are determined to bully and intimidate the governor into conforming to their wishes under the guise of a rally for FREEDOM.

Unfortunately, the president opened the floodgates with his “Liberate Michigan” comment. I for one am tired of the “Lock her up” chants, the Nazi symbols and the ugly confrontations. Time would be better spent fighting this insidious disease. — Linda Murphy, Grand Blanc