Pandemic is not a political issue

I would like to respond to the latter written by Mary Mieczkowski. At first when I read her letter, I was convinced I would find it was written by Betsy Devos. All the same talking points were there. This is not a political issue; it is a public health issue. If you compare Michigan’s ratio of deaths to cases reported, we are running close to 10 percent.

My daughter and daughter-in-law are health professionals, this virus is so contagious they do not bring their shoes in the house when they get home. Tests have shown health workers shoes carry the virus. When you contract this you are asymptomatic for 14 days in that time you can infect 40 people, those 40 people will infect 40 more and it will grow exponentially from there.

Death by COVID-19 is not easy, you drown in fluid that is filling your lungs. Whenever someone is inciting people to do something like the protest in Lansing, you need to look who is behind it and where is the money coming from. In this case the money came from the Devos’ family and another group that was affiliated with the Tea Party.

Also, there were many people out of their cars carrying weapons on the Capital steps. Members of the Michigan Militia were spotted in the group what could they have been protesting? One man was waving a Nazi flag.

All these protesters were violating the stay at home order and must take responsibility for members of the group who later present with the virus. My wife and I have mostly been in for seven weeks, would I like to see my kids, you bet. But I value their lives too much to possibly endanger them. — Russell Niemann, Davison