Parent group thanks many for prom donations

The Bentley Parent Group would like to thank the following people who helped make the unofficial Bentley prom a success:

Dustin and Julie Woodliff, Gary and Jeanne Shindorf, Mr. and Mrs. Fay, Maria Zuccaro, Bina Zuccaro, June Ferrell, Jeremy and April Corthals, Brian Brayden, Chadd Straw, Paul Donnelly, Mr. and Mrs. McPhail, Linda Jackson, Janie Jackson, Dawn Weier, Jessica Hammon, Gary Burns and VFW Post 2777, Robert and Rosa Gooch, Urban Vine LLC (Clarkston), Jeff Rogers of Integrated Flooring, Steve Limmer of (tent rental), Heidi Buckley (photography), Atlas Outdoor, Lisa Gaby, Barb Ferris, Nicole Mangels, Rhonda Verbias, Hailey Downs, John and Chelsea Horton, Brian and Susie Danks, Jack and Dawn McDaniel, Scott and Elaine Beckelic, Christina Warren, Jessica Walker, Oliver McDaniel, Robert and the Pallet Store, Bob and Linda Beckelic, Ann Meyers, Susan Whalen, Ed Whalen, Carole Kerby, Allison Frey, The Home Depot, Jill Ott, Kevin and Debbie Phelps, Crystal Andrews, Soggy Dog dog wash (Clarkton), Sunny Bowman, John Davis of Davis Entertainment, Tina Rinz, Tasia Bierbusse (Circle of Friends), Tekoa Hewitt, Rachel Mangels, Jesse McDaniel, Joshua Wilde, and everyone who contributed to GoFundMe and pop cans and all of the students who helped plan, decorate and clean up.

Also, thanks to anybody we may have forgotten here – we are truly sorry. This prom was successful only because of the generosity and support of our community, families and friends.

We had a terrific time and are so grateful to everyone who helped make this memory for our kids. Thank you! — Bentley Parents Group