Parents warned of ‘bogus’ supplies list

— Parents of Carman- Ainsworth students need to be on the look out for “bogus” school supplies list, said Assistant Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff at the Aug. 17 meeting of the Carman-Ainsworth Board of Education.

Tunnicliff brought up the topic, after saying he received two phone calls from parents, questioning the validity of flyers posted in area businesses. The flyers state that students in specific districts need to purchase hundreds of dollars of school supplies for the district.

“They say if your child is going to Carman-Ainsworth, here’s what you need to have,” Tunnicliff said. Tunnicliff did not name the businesses, but said the businesses were notified and that the district did not support it.

While he was not surprised by the false flyers, Tunnicliff said was unsure if other businesses were doing the same thing and hoped the flyers have been taken down.

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