Park board investigating feasibility of tall sledding hill at Otterburn

SWARTZ CREEK — Always focused on improving the recreational opportunities for area families, the Swartz Creek Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is hatching another idea, one that will make the Bristol Road property an all-seasons park.

The 20-acre property, now known as Otterburn Park, could be home to a new sledding hill, a bigger hill than the hills at Abrams and Elms parks. The Otterburn Park currently is underdevelopment as a disc golf course.

“The natural lay of the land would make for a nice, long run,” said park board President Jim Barclay. “There is light from the GM plant, so we could maybe get some nighttime use.”

With all of the road repairs and rebuilding going on in the city, contractor Glaeser Dawes Corp. is always looking for places to deposit excavated dirt. Using the “spoils” to build up the rolling terrain at Otterburn Park would solve that problem and create a pretty impressive sledding hill.

“There are issues with the creek at Abrams Park, and the fence at Elms Park, where at Otterburn, we could make a very tall hill and it won’t interfere with disc golf because it would be used in the winter,” said Barclay.

City Manager Adam Zettel pointed out that it takes a lot of dirt to build up a hill.

“But I see no reason we can’t start work over the berm we have and start building it up over the next year or two, as long as there’s street work going on,” he said.

Zettel said he’s not sure how to get a truck up the hill, but he will consult with Glaeser Dawes to determine feasibility.

A tall hill also would be a good spot for a disc golf tee, which would add a fun feature to the course, Barclay said.