Parks and DDA Wonderful Events

My family enjoys all that Davison has to offer. We have our favorite businesses, restaurants to eat at and events organized by the Davison Township Parks Department and Davison Downtown Authority (DDA) to explore. Our community has something for everyone to enjoy.

The staff and volunteers that put on these events exemplify a commitment to the Davison community and have a passion for service. During the summer through fall our family had a blast doing the park’s busy box crafts, walking the trails and getting dressed up for trunk-or-treat. The DDA has downtown looking very festive with Christmas lights everywhere and had an amazing turnout when Santa visited downtown.

Davison offers so much for so many. I know our family continues to look forward to making more future memories through all our experiences in the community we love!

One thing we can all agree on is that the Davison area has some amazing events put on by Davison Township Parks and the DDA! Thank you to everyone involved in helping create countless memories that we can all share. Keep up the great work to each of you! — Travis Howell, Davison Township