Parks and rec committee discusses needs at local parks

BURTON — A couple of Burton’s neighborhood parks may be in need of a little sprucing up and members of the parks and recreation committee have suggestions that may help.

The committee met May 12 and during reports on the city parks, members identified a couple of parks that could use a little TLC this summer.

Jim Craig, a member of the committee, said the roof at Kelly Lake Park’s pavilion is in need of repairs. This is a problem reported previously by Councilwoman Tina Conley to the city council. Conley also serves on the parks and recreation committee.

“The roof on the pavilion looks bad. It might just need shingling, I’m not sure if it needs an entirely new roof,” said Craig. “I’m not a structural expert.”

Conley said the council thought the repairs were minor. At a city council meeting earlier this year, the possible intervention of the Burton Kiwanis Club was discussed because the pavilion was built by the club back in 2013.

There has been no word since about repairs to the roof.

Craig also mentioned the condition of the boardwalk at Kelly Lake, heading toward Genesee Christian Academy and Kiwanis Crossing, located between the lake and the wetlands.

He said both locations needed some attention, possibly staining to protect the wood from the weather, but he said it was a lot of surface to cover and should be done professionally.

Craig said he also inspected the park’s 14 picnic tables, six benches and a bike rack that all were in need of a paint job. One picnic table, he added, needed to be re-boarded.

“Sounds like a lot of work for us, this might be a great thing to outsource,” he said.

Craig suggested Boy Scout Troop 160 might be interested if someone there wanted to take it on as an Eagle project.

“This would be a great Eagle project,” he said. “They could re-board one table, do the painting, hold a fundraiser to get the materials. Eagle candidates are supposed to learn to project manage, pricing and costs…organize the kids from the troop or volunteers from wherever to help.”

He said he would talk to some area scouting troops to see if anyone was interested in the project.

Conley gave a report about the Water Tower Park at Bristol Road and Saginaw Street, specifically about the fence there.

She said she took the need for a new fence to the council and they voted to bid out the project to install new fencing at the location. The new fence would have an aluminum fence in the front (facing Bristol Road) that resembles wrought iron and the chain-link fence around the sides would be black plastic coated. The plan was to also take the flower bed out and install a 12-foot gate so people working o the park can back trucks in to bring in wood chips or mulch rather than having to cart it in by wheelbarrow.

Conley said she wanted the parks and recreation committee to pass a motion supporting the plan to bid the fencing out, since it will involve the use of money in the parks and recreation budget that went unused from events in 2020 which were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Craig said the funds in question, about $13,000, will be reallocated June 30 when the 2020 budget year ends.

“We may have to add a little bit (of money), but it will be well worth it,” said Conley.

The committee voted to support the council’s efforts to bid out the fence.