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The NFL has four teams left in the playoff chase for the Super Bowl. The NFC has the top seeds playing in Green Bay and Seattle. Seattle crushed the Carolina Panthers at home to advance and the Green Bay Packers moved on with a win over Dallas at home. The Packers were the beneficiaries of a controversial call on a catch by Dez Bryant. The catch, however, was ruled a noncatch, the “Calvin Johnson Rule” as it is referred to in the NFL.

The receivers of the debatable call were the Dallas Cowboys. I know Detroit Lions players and fans feel the word karma came to the Cowboys. Dallas was given a gift by the zebras against Detroit and one week later the fickle finger of football took it away. It’s funny how karma works, isn’t it?

I thought the call was right, by the way, as the rule reads now in the NFL. I think completing the process of the catch has been consistently called in the NFL since the Calvin Johnson rule was put into the rule book.

Oh, Dallas Cowboys, I personally don’t feel bad for your fans or football team. Let’s look at these two NFL games for this Sunday.

The AFC championship game has the Indianapolis Colts playing the New England Patriots in New England at 6:30 p.m.

Tom Brady is one win from playing in yet another Super Bowl. Andrew Luck of the Colts, who upset the heavily favored Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning, will be looking for his first Super Bowl trip.

While on the subject, I wonder if Manning played his last game in the NFL? They say he was hurt with a quad muscle in his leg. I thought Manning looked very old and his arm strength was very weak. I think he will retire, to be honest.

How can the Colts win this Sunday and will they? This game will be a rout and Tom Brady will pick apart the suspect Colts defense all night long.

The Patriots just don’t lose at home, that’s the bottom line.

They won’t lose this game, either! The Fat Guy prediction: Brady Bunch of Rings 34 and The Horseshoes Fell Off 20.

New England once again will be in a Super Bowl.

The NFC followed the script as the No. 1-seeded Seahawks will host the No. 2-seeded Packers. It’s the two best teams in the NFC in what will be a very good football game. The lingering calf injury to Aaron Rodgers is the key to this game.

Aaron was not 100 percent against the Cowboys as he limped around and did not venture outside the pocket at all. I fear for his safety against the attacking Seahawks’ defense.

Seattle will come after the wounded Rodgers in the pocket knowing his mobility is limited at best. Seattle looks like all the cylinders are pumping and firing for a march to repeat as Super Bowl champions, if you ask me.

It will take the Packers’ best game they have played all year to defeat Seattle in Seattle. In week one, Seattle beat them 36-16 with a solid 20-point victory. Seattle is almost unbeatable at home and this weekend will be no different. Game time is set for 3:05 p.m. on Sunday. The cheeseball says: Seahens Lay No Egg 27 and Egg On Face 20.

College kids

The first-ever college football playoff season is over. The Big Ten Conference was represented well by the Ohio State Buckeyes.

My favorite team by the way; a little humor there, folks. Ohio State, the No. 4-seed that many thought didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs, proved them all wrong.

The Buckeyes steam rolled the Alabama Crimson Tide and then shot down the Oregon Ducks in the title game 42-20. Urban Meyer is a great coach who used a third-string quarterback to accomplish this National Championship victory.

The Buckeyes left no doubt who the No. 1 team in the country was. I say this: Congratulations to the Big Ten Conference and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Short takes

The play of the Detroit Pistons is the talk of the NBA right now. They are winners of nine of their last 10 games. Josh Smith, you must be the biggest cancer in a locker room ever! The Houston Rockets can have you.

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