Peppin best qualified for District 9 County Commission

On Nov. 3, voters will elect a county commissioner to represent District 9 which consists of the City of Davison, Davison Township, Richfield Township, Forest Township, and a portion of Genesee Township. Selection of the best qualified candidate is of the utmost importance to all residents of the district.

The Genesee County Board of Commissioners operates as a governing and policy making body, and one of the most important responsibilities of the Board is developing and adopting the county budget. The budget directly impacts services to the public thus has an impact on all residents.

Commissioners may also have responsibilities to serve in the following areas, i.e. Board of Health, Community & Economic Development, Election Commission, Finance Committee, Finance Budget Sub-Committee, Genesee County Parks & Recreation, Governmental Operations Committee, Human Services Committee, Public Works Committee, Public Works Sub-Committee, and the VEBA Work Group.

The County Board also has the authority to make appointments to the 9-1-1 Consortium, Bishop Airport Authority, County Family Independence Agency, and the Genesee County Road Commission to name a few. As a Genesee County retiree, after 33 years of service, I am extremely familiar with the responsibilities of the Board.

I believe that Gary Peppin is the best qualified candidate and therefore, I will be supporting him! Gary has a well-rounded work background, and the educational ability to serve. His governmental experience to the City of Davison as a councilman, and service on the Small Cities & Villages Association have provided crucial experience and insight to governmental operations.

Gary has also exhibited a strong sense of community through his continuous service in various capacities. Please consider supporting Gary Peppin for District 9 County Commissioner. Vote for Experience, Integrity and Honesty. — Diana Rutherford, Davison