Peppin should have been present for county millage decision

I’m writing to express my displeasure of Democrat Commissioner Gary Peppin.

He was absent and missed a very important and controversial meeting last week where the commission was at odds to put two new millage tax increases on the ballot for May. Why on earth would we be exercising the thought of presenting tax hikes to voters during a pandemic when some people are still waiting on their unemployment? Where was Gary Peppin to stop such nonsense? It is my “viewpoint” that Gary Peppin should have been at the meeting to vote and stand up for us instead of dodging the meeting to be politically correct. This May election is going to cost townships and cities thousands of dollars to operate. In addition, from the cost of running an election, aren’t we taxed enough? Scary to think Gary is the new finance chair. Bottom line: “Peppin ain’t reppin.” Gary needs to answer to why he missed one of the most critical meetings of his term when he knew there was millions of dollars on the line. — Morgan Jackson, Richfield Township