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The PGA Championship will be the last major golf event of the year. However, this will be the last time for this to happen. The PGA Championship will move to May and becomes the second major tournament after the Masters.

This weekend is a milestone one, as it’s the 100th PGA Championship. This weekend the PGA Championship is in St. Louis, MO at the Bellerive Country Club. The defending PGA Championship winner is Justin Thomas, who is coming off a victory last weekend at the WGC-Bridgestone. The fact that last weekend’s field was deep with golfing talent and most of the world’s top golfers makes this weekend interesting.

The players do not have an extra week off for preparation and the golf world will bombard us with Tiger Woods stories and remind us all how long it’s been since he won a major. I will cut your suspense, as he is not winning this weekend. He showed me no signs last weekend that he is ready to win a major.

Can Jordan Spieth shake his mini slump on the golf course? He is in a serious funk after falling apart at Carnoustie in the Open. This weekend will be a great watch and I feel as though there is no heavy favorite to win. Enjoy the golf and let’s see what happens.

Hot water for Meyer

The Big Ten football season has not kicked off yet, but there was one major kickoff at Ohio State. The coach, for now, is kicked off from coaching the Buckeyes’ football team. Yes, Urban Meyer has himself in some hot water and is on paid leave. The Ohio State Buckeyes are investigating Urban’s handling of a domestic violence case involving a former assistant coach. This case goes all the way back to 2015 involving Zach Smith. The fact that Urban stated at the Big 10 Media Day that he knew nothing about this issue is a joke. He knew about it and yet tried to cover it up. The evidence against him is obvious and how Ohio State handles it after this investigation will effect Urban and the Ohio State program. Do I think he is going to get fired? My gut hunch is, no, he will not. I think he will be suspended for four to eight games and that is it. If Urban was an average coach, he would be fired already. However, he is a good coach and has Ohio State at the top of the National College Football scene. I never liked the guy. I thought he was slimy at Florida and he slithered his slimy ways to Ohio State. I wonder what the cheater, Jim Tressell, is doing these days?

Hating the preseason

The Detroit Lions will open up the worthless preseason schedule Friday night in Oakland. The kickoff is set for 10:30 p.m. if you need your Detroit Lions fix. I personally do not need one. I will not watch this game and it won’t matter. I say this every year, but the main objective is to get out of preseason healthy and keep all the starters 100 percent. The Lions have removed Ziggy Ansah from the PUP list. The fact that the Lions have never stated why he was on the list in the first place is fishy. The rumor out of camp is rookie running back Kerryon Johnson has showed good vision and excellent speed so far. Let’s hope Detroit didn’t whiff on this running back. Wouldn’t that be nice to have a Detroit Lions running game? I will report more on the Lions next week after the game in Oakland.

Missed opportunity

I am so disappointed I missed the Pro Football Hall of Fame speeches last weekend. I have always enjoyed listening to them for some strange reason. The speech by Ray Lewis was supposedly 33 minutes long. The tribute by Brian Urlacher to his mother was also very emotional. That Brian Dawkins spoke about all his pain and severe depression, along with suicidal thoughts, was bone chilling, if you ask me.

The huge story was Terrell Owens not attending the induction, instead giving his 40-minute speech at his former college, University of Tennessee- Chattanooga. I guess they had the popcorn ready for T.O.! He sure is a strange guy.

Train wreck continues for Manziel

Can I say that Johnny Manziel will never deliver an NFL Hall of Fame speech?! The one and only Manziel tossed four interceptions in his CFL debut and was escorted to the bench! I watched it and it was so ugly to watch I almost felt sorry for him! Okay, not really. What a clown. He is a terrible quarterback, too!

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