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The NFL playoffs have lived up to the hype here in January. The Patriots, who looked like a lock pick for the Super Bowl, are cleaning out their lockers and heading home. The Patriots were the number-one seed in the AFC. The number-one seed in the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons, had their “dirty bird” wings clipped by the Green Bay Packers. Neither of the numberone seeds played like number-one seeds here in 2011.

The lucky number seems to be six. The Jets and Packers are both six seeds and both still playing for the right to go to the Super Bowl. I ask you, is anyone playing better at the quarterback position than Aaron Rodgers of the Packers? What Rodgers did to the Falcons was out of this world. He is playing at an elite-quarterback level.

The Steelers and the Ravens game had numerous emotional swings at Heinz Field. The Ravens played a strong first half capitalizing on Pittsburgh mistakes. However, then came the second half, and Pittsburgh returned the favor capitalizing on all the Baltimore blunders. The Steelers once again looking good for a Super Bowl run.

The Chicago Bears disposed of the Seattle Seahens quite easily, jumping out to an early 21-0 score. The final score of 35-24 looks better than the game actually was. Chicago dominated the entire football game. The Bears should thank the Saints for that easy victory. How did the Saints lose to Seattle? I can’t explain it, either.

Here is how it looks for championship Sunday. The Packers and the Bears—the oldest rivalry in the NFL—meet for the third time and it will be a rubber-match game. These two will meet for the 182nd time! Wow, that is a lot of history on the football field.

Think about this, the Halas Trophy is awarded to the NFC champs. Halas is Chicago Bear history. The winner of the Super Bowl is awarded the Lombardi Trophy. Vince Lombardi is Green Bay Packers history. It is hard to believe they have only met one other time in playoff history back in the 1940s. The Bears defeated the Packers. I love the fact both teams are from the NFC North, the Detroit Lions’ division. Actually, Detroit could have won two games against

Chicago (they did win in week one) and did defeat Green Bay once.

This game is going to be a doozy and I can’t wait. The Jets and

Steelers will be a week fifteen rematch. The Jets came out on top,

22-17, on the road in

Pittsburgh. It was a fabulous football game, as Big Ben drove down the field in the last two minutes and almost pulled off the victory. The drive ended on the Jets’ 10- yard line with two incomplete passes by Big Ben. Can the Jets repeat and win in Pittsburgh for a second time in one season? A tough task, to say the least. It is time to break down these two football games and give you the Fat Guy’s predictions.

The NFC championship is outdoors in the cold at Soldier Field in Chicago. Does it get any better than this? I say, no,it doesn’t. One quick note, no dome teams left in playoffs! Football was meant to be played outdoors! The fickle finger of football works in mysterious ways. The Bears played a Texas Hold’em game against the Packers in the last week of the season. What? The Bears had nothing to play for, yet played all the starters and tried to knock the pack out of the playoffs. They couldn’t do it! How ironic if the Packers now knock out Chicago and go to the Super Bowl? Pretty neat scenario, if you ask me. Packers are red hot. I like Rodgers over Jay Cutler. Cutler throws a pick in a huge spot in this game. Prediction: Strong Cheese Smell 24 and Bear Season Over 20.

The AFC features the mouths of the East, the New York Jets, at the owners of numerous Super Bowl rings, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Jets are a solid 4-16 lifetime against Pittsburgh. That is not very good. I give the Jets the credit; they talked the talk then walked the walked against New England. I don’t see much trash talk this week coming out of New York. Pittsburgh will keep quiet, go about its business and do it the Steeler way. Prediction: Pittsburgh’s Rings 20 Grounded Jets 17.


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