Pink Night Palooza to help women in need

Marsha Schmit

Marsha Schmit

Editor’s Note: View Newspaper Group is proud to be a Pretty in Pink Media Sponsor of the Pink Night Palooza event. The following provides information about Pink Night Palooza and how the event can make a big difference in the lives of women with breast cancer.

FLINT — Marsha Schmit, who has helped hundreds of patients with breast cancer, has been a Breast Health Navigator since 2008 and helps to guide her patients through the difficult journey they face after being diagnosed.

When appointed to the Breast Health Navigator position in 2008, Schmit brought with her more than 20 years of experience and immediately began to develop a clear and informative plan for her patients to help with the complicated and trying process of dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis.

“I started studying and learning to help me develop a new program,” said Schmit. “I talked to a lot of people that had had cancer previously and asked them, ‘What kinds of things were missing? What would have been helpful?’ And the one thing that was loud and clear was that people need education. When people get that diagnosis, sitting in their doctor’s office, pretty much the last thing they clearly hear is, ‘You have breast cancer.’ And people’s minds go blank, and they don’t actually hear the rest.”

But there’s a whole lot more to it, and that’s where Schmit and the Hurley Medical Center’s Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program come in. They are there after you calm down and begin to process the information, once you start figuring out the questions you want to ask. And they’ll answer some you didn’t even know you had, helping you every step of the way.

Because of the costs associated with programs like these, Hurley has enlisted the help of the community, hosting a number of events and fundraisers to help benefit these women in need. One of the fundraisers that directly supplements the Breast Navigator Program is Pink Night Palooza.

The Pink Night Palooza event was announced earlier this spring when Financial Plus Credit Union’s Pink Night fundraiser teamed up with Hurley Foundation’s Pink Palooza fundraiser. The two groups also held their first ever Pre-Pink Night Palooza Party on Aug. 11.

The original Pink Night fundraiser was started in 2007 by employees of Financial Plus who had a passion for raising awareness and monetary funds for those affected by breast cancer. In 2015, Financial Plus raised a net of $69,000 for American Cancer Society’s (ACS) Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (gross of $77,000).

The Pink Night Palooza event is 5 to 11 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6 at the Holiday Inn & Gateway Center in Flint. Tickets are still available and can be purchased online at

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