Pirate’s Park survey shows high public interest

FLINT TWP. — Representatives from Wade Trim presented the results of an online survey seeking input on the public’s level of interest in purchasing Pirate’s Park to create a community park and what amenities it might include. The survey was on the Township website for a month and had 1,300 total responses, including 525 responses from Township residents.

“It’s tough to get in the triple digits for responses,” said Scot Lautzenheiser, landscape architect for Wade Trim. “That’s a really good sign that shows support from the community. These are phenomenal results.”

The overwhelming majority of residents, 93.41 percent, were in favor of purchasing Pirate’s Park, with 95.15 percent of residents supporting using the grant and 86.41 percent in favor of using tax dollars to improve and maintain the park. In the overall results, 46.48 percent said they would use the park once a month; 31.699 percent, once a week; 10.41 percent, almost daily; 8.14 percent, once a year; and 3.29 percent, not at all. A huge percentage, 94.36 percent, said they would attend events at the park.

For keeping and updating existing recreational elements already at the park, 40.88 percent said it was very important to keep the batting cages and 33.86 percent said somewhat important; mini golf, 63.54 percent very important and 25.35 percent somewhat important; go-karts, 51.81 percent very important, 28.03 percent somewhat important; and indoor event space, 47.17 percent very important, 33.10 percent somewhat important.

The age range of people responding to the survey also was broken down into resident results and overall results. For residents, those under 18 made up 3.09 percent; 18-24, 13.15 percent; 25-34, 29.40 percent; 35-44, 22.05 percent; 45-54, 11.99 percent; 55-64, 12.96 percent; and 65 and older, 7.35 percent. Overall, those under 18 made up 2.49 percent; 18-24, 10.26 percent; 25-34, 28.44 percent; 35-44, 30.77 percent; 45-54, 12.90 percent; 55-64, 10.10 percent; 65 and older, 5.05 percent.