Please vote on the May 5 Grand Blanc schools bond proposal

The VIEW from here



The May 5 election that we’ve been working toward for 3 years is now less than two weeks away. We had no idea when we started this journey the situation, we would find ourselves in when the day arrived. COVID-19 has turned our world upside-down.

We were given the opportunity to postpone this election to later in the year, but our choice was to proceed for several reasons. Waiting longer to have the vote means waiting longer to begin construction and purchasing, which also means cost increases and waiting even longer before a few of our buildings have air conditioning. This would push back any changes we’d like to make to our school calendar, which is an item in our District Strategic Plan.

Although it’s difficult to imagine right now, education will settle back into face-to-face learning. Our students will return to classrooms and we’d still like those classrooms to have air conditioning and flexible furniture. Students will play sports again, and we’d still like those outdoor and pool facilities to be a place our community can be comfortable gathering, a place our students can be proud to call “Home”. Parking lots and Jewett Trail will again

serve hundreds of cars per day, and buildings will still need these new roofs, as well as electrical and mechanical updates. There will be a future in our schools.

Through conversations with state and local officials, we were assured that the Secretary of State would send ballot applications to EVERY registered voter by mail. Hopefully, you’ve received that in your mailbox. If you need to vote in person, you will also have the option to do so on election day. We STRONGLY encourage you to return your ballot by mail to avoid direct contact. If you did receive your absentee ballot and aren’t sure you can get it in the mail in time, you can drop it off at your municipality’s office. Please call ahead for the procedure.

We anticipate that mail-in ballots will actually INCREASE participation. Regardless of the outcome, having more people participate in an election is a GREAT thing.

If you have questions about the projects we have outlined before you vote, please visit the Grand Blanc Community Schools website, and click on the “Voter Information” tab at the top of the page. If you still have questions, please call us at 810-591- 6014.