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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The NFL Draft provided drama just like we thought it would. Johnny Manziel, thought to be a top-five draft pick, dropped all the way down to No. 22. The Cleveland Browns selected him after passing on him earlier in the draft. I figured after he got past the first six picks he was destined to be picked later in the first round. There were just no other teams who really needed a quarterback.

The Cleveland Browns will either hit a home run with this selection or hit into a triple play. I am on the triple play side, personally, however, many feel he is a home run for the Browns. I have a few Cleveland Browns fans who are fanatics over the Browns and they love having “Johnny Football” as the quarterback. I do find it strange that the owner of the Browns has said he will be the backup in year one! Huh? Why not let training camp decide the starter? It’s not like Brian Hoyer is of All-Pro caliber under center. I do know this, though, Browns fans hope Manziel does not become the next great Tim Couch! Which rhymes with OUCH!

The Detroit Lions, of course, shocked their fan base with taking two offensive players with their first three picks. I have to admit I just don’t understand the Lions thinking sometimes. How can they not address the defensive side of the football first? How many of us fans saw the pick of Eric Ebron, tight end out of North Carolina, as the Lions No. 1 pick?

Ebron has trouble dropping passes. He is a bad blocker. He does not compete on every play. He does have outstanding speed and can stretch the defense. However, if you drop passes what good is stretching the field? I know the new Lions’ offensive coordinator came from the New Orleans Saints where the tight end is a huge part of the offense. I am sure he sees Ebron as a Jimmy Grahamtype receiver. We can only hope he is as good as that.

The Lions have put a lot of greenbacks into this offense. How many games are we going to see a 45-42 score, is the question? I will say selection number two, Kyle Van Noy from BYU, will address some of the need at linebacker. He can rush the passer and play the run. Kyle also can drop back into coverage in passing situations. I really believe Van Noy was the selection because of how well “Ziggy” the No. 1 pick played last year. Ziggy also played at BYU.

Detroit never addressed the secondary until rounds four through seven. I find that absolutely amazing to be quite honest. If I had to grade the Lions draft I would give it a C+ rating. The last few years they have been really solid drafting; I just don’t see it this year. Jim Caldwell and Martin Mayhew, I wish you good luck after watching these picks this year.

Out in front

The Detroit Tigers are crawling out in front of the American League Central. The Tigers strung along a sweet eightgame winning streak to get out in front. The winning streak came mostly against their division rivals.

When you play 18-some games against your own division winning those division games are a premium. How many years did we watch the Minnesota Twins win double digits against the Tigers? It was a bunch, I can tell you that.

How about the job Robbie Ray has done since being called up? Yes, the young left hander has been impressive. Remember, Tiger fans, when you were hollering we gave up Doug Fister for nothing? I do.

I said we had to give general manager Dave Dombrowski the benefit of the doubt. He is no dummy when it comes to trading for players. He was not going to give away Doug Fister for soup and a sandwich. This Ray kid could be a heist for the Tigers.

Fister has yet to throw a pitch for the Washington Nationals, I don’t think. Rick Porcello was another guy who was supposedly on the trading block all winter by us fans, not the Detroit Tigers. The Detroit Tigers’ upper management said no, we are not looking to trade Rick Porcello.

Who looks real smart right now? The Tigers do! It sure wasn’t us fans who wanted to see him gone. Mr. Porcello is a solid 6-1 on the bump and looking real good. Detroit is playing solid baseball and I love it!

Short takes

The Preakness is this weekend and there is only one horse I am looking at. The horse is California Chrome. The Chrome will shine this weekend and win the second leg of the Triple Crown.

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