Police officers getting new equipment

FLINT TWP.— Police officers will be starting out the new year with three pieces of new equipment. The township board recently approved the purchases of handguns, flashlights and mobile printers – all paid for with about $23,000 in Justice Assistance Grant Funds.

About $8,100 will be spent for replacement Glock model 22, generation 4 handguns.

“The majority of our officers are assigned Glock generation 1 handguns that were issued in the early 1990s,”said Police Chief George Sippert. “These guns have evolved over the years and Glock is currently selling the Generation 4 model. These new handguns will certainly be more dependable and they are more adaptable to officers’ hand sizes, which makes them safer, allowing for increased weapon retention.”

Generation 4 Glocks are equipped with a rail system for attaching a light to the handgun for nighttime use, he said.

Quotes were obtained from three companies:

•$18,202 from Gander Mountain on Miller Road (no trade-in allowance)

•$9142 after a $6,400 trade-in allowance from Michigan Police Equipment in Charlotte

•$8162 after a $7380 trade-in allowance from CMP Distributors of Lansing.

Chief Sippert recommended buying the guns from CMP, the low bidder.

“We have purchased several items from CMP in the past and are pleased with their service,” he said.

The department also has the green light to spend about $8,200 in JAG funds to purchase 12 Printek Interceptor 800 mobile printers for the patrol fleet.

Printers currently being used are seven to eight years old and have required a lot of repair, Chief Sippert said. They also use separate paper and take up more room in the vehicle while the new ones have a combined printer and paper.

“We have had the opportunity to use the Printek Mobile printer in many of our most recently purchased vehicles and they have been well received by our patrol officers,” he said. Printek is based in Benton Harbor.

The Interceptor is a direct thermal printer that prints twice as fast as the current version offered by Brother, the PJ6. They also offer a wider operational temperature range, Chief Sippert said.

He provided quotes from three businesses:

•$11,844 from Cruisers of Brighton

•$12,185 from Absolute Security and Investigations of Pontiac

•$8,259.32 from Advanced Wireless Telecom of Wixom

Chief Sippert recommended purchasing the printers from the lowest bidder.

Also approved for purchase are 45 flashlights with holders. The Streamlight Strion LED HL flashlights will serve as a backup light that officers will be able to carry on their duty belt and have in their possession throughout their shift.

“By having this light readily accessible on their duty belt will increase officer safety,” Chief Sippert said.

The Streamlight Strion Model 1 is a bright, compact dependable flashlight with a durable rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Three bids obtained were:

•$7339.50 from Streicher’s: Flashlights of Minneapolis, MN

•$6640.65 from CMP Distributors Inc. (the winning bidder)

•$7413.75 from Cruisers

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