Poor sport spoils Cinderella story

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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Triple Crown has waited 36 years for a winner and it will have to wait at least another year. California Chrome could not pull off the last leg by winning the Belmont Stakes. He finished fourth. Actually he dead heated for fourth with Wicked Strong.

It was another crushing blow to the horse racing industry. The hype surrounding this race was tremendous. The television audience that tuned in was tremendous.

The horse that ended up winning — Tonalist — was on top of his game. The other tremendous thing was the Fat Guy gave you the winner last week in Tonalist. I actually picked all three races correctly this year. I gave you three chances to make money so I hope some of you took advantage of my superior handicapping skills. I know I did.

Tonalist ran a great race and of course as we all know by now Tonalist did not run in the Preakness or the Kentucky Derby which has upset some people for some reason. There are those who want to change the Triple Crown rules because of this fact. I say you change absolutely nothing horse racing people. The Triple Crown was meant to be a hard accomplishment. It’s quite evident as it hasn’t been done in 36 years. Leave the Triple Crown as it is!

I am now going to go off on the co-owner of California Chrome, Steve Coburn. Mr. Coburn’s rant at the end of the race was totally out of line. It was a man sounding off like a first grader who lost a game of chutes and ladders. Hey, Coburn, you sounded like a big bad cry baby, poor sport and sore loser! I wanted to give you a warm bottle of milk and a pacifier.

Basically Coburn wanted the Triple Crown handed to him and his horse. There were only three horses who ran in the Belmont Stakes that participated in the Kentucky Derby: California Chrome, Ride On Curlin and General a Rod.

What? You want a three-horse race? What Coburn was really saying is I want to beat all the horses that ran on Derby Day three consecutive times. Mr. Coburn, in my opinion, you took a great story of a cheap horse who made you a lot of money and fan support and you tossed it all away in a 30-second baby meltdown rant. It made me sick to watch you spout off like that. Here is some advice next time your wife tells you to shut up: do what the rest of us do and listen to our wife! California Chrome, you are a great race horse and your accomplishments in the first two races were super special. Sorry, your co-owner, is an idiot cry baby.

Left coast road trip

The NHL Stanley Cup is headed to the big city of Los Angeles. The L.A. Kings were up 3-0 heading into Wednesday’s game. I can’t see the Rangers rallying from this large hole they have dug for themselves. How about seven weeks ago the L.A. Kings were down 3-0 to the San Jose Sharks and came back to win the series. So the Kings will not treat this 3-0 lead in the series like it is already won. The Kings have won three game sevens on the road to get to the Stanley Cup Finals. The journey has been a rough ride but the sweetness of having your name engraved on that Cup is only one victory away.

Worst of the worst

The Detroit Tigers are the worst ninth-inning team I have ever watched; period and exclamation point. They couldn’t find a closer to close out games if they wanted to. Joe Nathan joins a two-decade list of bums the Tigers have had for closers. He flat out is Papa Grande-, Fernando Rodney- and Todd Jones-awful. Why do we get stuck with overpaid closers who stink? Tigers’ fans, do you realize that Detroit has been out-scored in the ninth inning something like 46 runs for the opponent to 24 runs for Detroit? That is almost double. Joe Nathan’s slowball, oops, I mean fastball crawls up there at 92 miles per hour. Really? You bring in that meatball throwing guy to save a game in the ninth? It’s laughable how this bullpen closer thing is so tough for the Tigers’ management to figure out. Anyone know what Willie Hernandez or John Hiller is doing these days? thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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