Pothole season springing up

— Photo by Rhonda Sanders

— Photo by Rhonda Sanders

Unfortunately, with the return of warmer weather comes pothole dodging season like this pitted, nearly impassable mess on Dutcher Road between Lennon and Corunna roads. The Michigan Department of Transportation says it will be one of the worst pothole springs ever after one of the worst winters on record. MDOT spent about $8.8 million on pothole repairs last year, and expects to spend 50 to 100 percent more this year, according to a public announcement. MDOT has posted a full list of pothole management tips for motorists on its website along with the following fast facts:

— By driving extra cautiously and not tailgating, drivers have more time to see and react to any potholes they’re approaching.

— Properly inflated tires in good condition handle potholes better than worn, over-inflated or under-inflated tires.

— Reporting potholes on state trunkline (I, M or US route) to MDOT’s Report a Pothole web page or the Pothole Hotline at 888-296-4546 will help get them fixed more quickly.

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