Predictable college football playoffs arrive

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I ask, can the college football playoffs be any more predictable and boring? I mean, Alabama at No. 1, Clemson No. 2, Ohio State No. 3 and Notre Dame at No. 4. I am tired of Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State every single season being one of the top four teams.

The boys from Notre Dame just received a football smack down from Clemson last Saturday in the rematch game. How about 2018 playoffs when the Notre Dame boys took a college football whipping 30-3 against the Clemson Tigers? I can go back to 2013, the BCS National College Playoff and Alabama administered a 42-14 smack down to the “Non Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame. My point is, Notre Dame lays a Golden Dome Egg every time they reach the big stage. Can we get someone else please?

The bias of the power of the five conferences is terrible and shows we need an expansion to an eight team playoff. The fact is, a non-power five team really never gets a chance to crash the party. Let’s set up the Jan. 1 matchups and predictions.

The Alabama and Notre Dame game kick off is set up for 4 p.m. The oddsmakers make Alabama a 19 point favorite. The bottom line here is the Crimson Tide of Alabama rolls the Notre Dame team in this contest. My prediction: Nick Saban’s Men 37 and Another Egg Showing 16.

The late contest will be a rematch of Clemson and Ohio State from last year’s college football playoffs. The game last year was fabulous actually. The Clemson Tigers won the game, but I thought Ohio State actually outplayed Clemson on the field. This will be a good football game I believe once again. The two quarterbacks Justin Fields from Ohio State and Trevor Lawrence from Clemson are excellent. I am not sure how good Ohio State really is to be honest with a six game sample size. I can say, I know Clemson is as good as advertised once again. The oddsmakers have made Clemson a touchdown favorite in this contest. The kickoff is at 8 p.m. right after the Alabama and Notre Dame game. My prediction:

The Tigers Defeat OSU Again 37 and Bucks Lose Again 27. The Lions were whipped at Tennessee last Sunday. Anyone shocked by that outcome? I didn’t think so. The next Lions whipping will come at the hands of Tampa Bay. I say enough on the “Cryons.” Next subject please!

The news out of Ann Arbor, Michigan is defensive coordinator Don Brown has been released from his position. I never thought I’d see Michigan show him the exit. I believe it’s a move that was much needed as the Michigan defense the last three or four seasons has been a steady decline. I think the talent on that side of the ball has been over rated actually. However, Don Brown is not the only problem at Michigan. More blame needs to be on Jimmy “Hairball” the head coach. I think this new defensive coordinator is a huge hire so stay tuned Michigan fans.

The NBA season has tipped off this week. It sure seems like the NBA season just crowned the L.A. Lakers champions yesterday to me? I did watch the hometown Detroit Pistons opener against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Pistons lost and I have to admit I know hardly anyone on the Pistons roster. I say, talk about a total revamping of a roster. I will watch a couple more games and let you know what to expect this season from the Pistons.

The NFL picks will resume come playoff time. I want to say after a slow start, the season ended up 103-90-11. A solid 13 games over five hundred against the spread. The Best Bet record of 7-6 was totally disappointing, however. I can be reached at