President shows lack of respect for human life

Abortion or genocide? All life is precious. When people rise against abortion the outrage of losing one life is obvious. When someone is accused of using abortion for birth control or because one cannot afford a child some cringe at the thought of aborting a fetus.

Yet, when we look at protecting life with this terrible Covid-19 pandemic, it is acceptable to lose lives. What an ignorant double standard we are placing on life.

Our President in March, 2020, asked what would happen if we let this pandemic “wash over” our nation. Our President followed this by commenting that “we can’t let the cure be worse than the disease” with his wish to use a strong economy for political gains.

Absolutely no respect for life, mine our yours from our President.

Our President claims we are at war with an “invisible enemy”. When at war we do all we can to fight our enemy. Our President chooses to join our enemy through his open behavior and messaging making wearing a mask, a scientifically proven method for limiting the spread of this virus, a political statement. If you wear a mask you are weak. Join him in NOT wearing a mask, you are strong, is his message to all.

What ever happened to doing all you can to fight the enemy? Apparently, this is not in our Presidents vocabulary. The thought of leaving no person behind, doing all we can to save lives will not happen under his watch. Our President has made it clear that risky behavior is what he wants. His ego massaging rallies further prove this point. He is playing on human nature, one of his strong points, to get his way of having Covid-19 “wash over” our nation and KILL as many people as it may for economic gain.

Not wearing a mask to protect those around us is bioterrorism at least and risking the abortion of life, needlessly. Holding gatherings in any location and promoting a “mask optional” environment is no different than the old alley abortion clinics of the past. We know some may die and we do not care.

Shame on us for falling for our Presidents wish to allow this pandemic to spread as much as possible for financial gain.

We are failing soldiers in this medical war. We are guilty of supporting the enemy. Are we promoting genocide? — Donald D. Dunklee, Richfield Township