Prevention/intervention program aims to help youth

— A Youth Behavior Treatment Program, offered by Recco S. Richardson Consulting, Inc. (RSRC), runs the weekends of Oct. 30-31 and Nov. 6-7 with the aim to help area youth who are struggling with various problems. The program currently has a few remaining slots and limited scholarships available for participants.

The Youth Behavior Treatment Program (YBTDP) is an intensive, 30- day prevention/intervention program that targets female and male youth ages 7-12. Today’s youth struggles with school problems/school suspensions, life changes, mental health issues, arguing with adults, relationship problems, anger, parental divorce, etc. The program intends to enhance participant’s emotional healthiness, sense of direction and bond/attachment. The services are designed to help youth overcome developing themes and on-going social, emotional, educational and family barriers.

Some of the services provided by the program are treatment and support groups, group mentoring, psycho-educational activities, individual/family counseling, home/school visits and parent workshops. The psycho-educational class materials are based on best practices or promising approaches as identified in research. The selected curriculum has standard learning objectives, pre-tests and post-tests. Treatment groups are founded upon traditional mental health intervention approaches, and the sessions feature concepts associated with play therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, psychotherapy, etc.

One of the critical parts of the programming is the parenting workshop component. On each Saturday morning, a one-and-a-half hour parenting session is offered, and the sessions provide parents with critical insight, child management strategies, resources and support.

According to the brochure, “YBTDP is not a cure for all negative behaviors in that youth/families are unique and respond differently. It can be expected that YBTDP will provide motivation and a meaningful step in the right direction. The intent of YBTDP is to help younger youth overcome various barriers, especially those rooted in negative school behaviors/progress, poor relationships and mental health issues. Efforts will be made to address core issues that serve as life barriers. The goal is for participants to build solid relationships, cope with conflict and communicate effectively.”

YBTDP offers three levels of program participation. With the assistance of a staff member, parents select the level of programming that best meets their family’s needs. Level I includes 19 hours of face-to-face contact for a cost of $240. Level II includes 24 hours of face-to-face contact at a cost of $490. Level III includes 30 hours of face-to-face contact at a cost of $910. YBTDP does not bill insurance companies, and a minimum of Level I participation is required. The private-pay fees can be paid by cash, check, money order or cashier’s check.

Owned by Recco S. Richardson, PhD, MA, LPC, Diplomate, American Psychotherapy Association, RSRC is a multi-faceted human services agency that provides innovative and effective mental health services, seminars and research. The office is located at 6309 N. Saginaw St. For more information on the program and other services, call 810- 394-7815 or visit www.richardsonconsulting.


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