Property tax deadline changes

FLINT TWP. — Effective with the summer tax billing, a postmark will no longer be used as the receipt date for property taxes, as approved by the township board.

Township Treasurer Lisa Anderson requested the change, citing problems with recordkeeping and banking.

“For the past three tax seasons, we have experienced more difficulty from banks with the lack of postmarks on most bank-issued payments, especially when banks held checks until there were 15 or 20 of them for one envelope, and the check dates were in a 2 or 3-week range.” Anderson said. “Also, we are constantly changing the settlement paperwork for the County leaving much room for error.”

Anderson said she surveyed several other townships and cities thorough the Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Association and found that many, if not all, of them, no longer allow the postmark as the due date.

Setting a fixed tax due date is part of an ongoing process to streamline services and improve customer service, Anderson said.

Summer property tax bills will be sent out in July and due by the end of the work day on September 14. Winter tax bills will go out December1 and are due by the end of business on February 28.

Trustee Frank Kasle questioned if changing the due date would create a late penalty for people accustomed to postmarking payments on the due date.

Anderson said that “we no longer accept postmark” will be clearly printed on them front and back of tax bills. Late senders will be given a pass the first time payments are received after the due date but files will be flagged to keep track of anyone who continues to pay late after they have been notified that the postmark no longer serves as the due date.

The board unanimously approved the due date change.

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