Prosecutor padlocks two after-hours clubs

FLINT TWP. — The fate of two trouble-prone after-hours club on Flushing Road will be determined at a court hearing scheduled Monday morning, April 25 in Genesee County Circuit Court, according to a press release.

Two establishments that have hosted late night parties where violence erupted have been padlocked by Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton and the Flint Township Police.

Prosecutor Leyton announced on Friday that he has obtained a temporary restraining order from Circuit Court Judge Judith Fullerton shutting down “The Mansion”, 3434 Flushing Road, and “Tha Spot”, 3432 Flushing Road. Both locations have been the scene of multiple violent occurrences including shootings and a homicide. The homicide occurred April 9 after a double shooting in which Dequan Gillam, 20, of Flint was killed.

Flint Township police obtained evidence that both places advertise themselves on social media as afterhours clubs. Flint Township police also believe intoxicating liquors known as “Jungle Juice” are made available at the after-hours clubs.

Prosecutor Leyton said that he will seek to close establishments that disturb the peace, quiet, and safety of the community.

“I will continue to utilize the public nuisance statute,” Leyton said.” This is why I worked so hard to convince the legislature to include violence as a nuisance in the statute.”

Flint Township Police Chief George Sippert said: “After responding to and investigating numerous incidents of fights, shootings, and one murder in the area of the Diplomat Plaza on Flushing Road, the Flint Township Police Department requested assistance from Prosecutor David Leyton.

The Flint Township Police Department working together with the prosecutor’s office and township officials has demonstrated that a unified approach to solving serious safety concerns is very effective. The safety of our residential and business community remains our top priority. I believe that the closure of these two establishments is necessary and does improve the safety of our community.”

Leyton previously used the nuisance law in March 2015 when the Hometown Inn on Miller Road was similarly padlocked due to a history of violence including the shooting of a township police officer in January 2015. Leyton threatened to close down the 119-room motel for a year but a deal with reached with owners to make several security changes. It was closed about a month and a half while those changes were made.

Rhonda Sanders

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