Protect the children, mask up

In response to ‘Hundreds of Parents join Republican Party to Protest Mask Mandate, Aug. 26.

I remember holding my newborn baby, 33 years ago, and thinking I will protect you with my life. Now, in this highly charged political climate, we have mothers protesting the protective wearing of masks that can save their child from a life-threatening variant and/or the possibility of a truncated school year due to contagion quarantine.

The early days of the pandemic hit Michigan unaware. Ignorance is no excuse with the current behavior playing out in the push against K-6 mask mandates. We have southern states to look to as a template of what not to do. As of Aug. 11, showed that Texas had 259 total pediatric patients hospitalized with COVID19, the most in the U.S., while Florida followed with 194.

The variant is a game changer. While once we acted to protect grandma, now is the time to ensure the safety of our youth.

Pediatricians are urging parents and families with children to get vaccinated as the Delta variant causes a rise in hospitalizations.

With the start of the school year things can only get worse. The variant spreads easily, and classrooms are high risk environments without protective measures.

COVID-19 is a “public health” hazard, politics mean nothing when your child is sick. We have the opportunity and responsibility to learn the foundational lesson of this pandemic: everything we do affects others. The only way out is through safe, effective measures. Mask up, don’t let any political party tell you that our children’s lives aren’t precious. 634,000 COVID deaths in America, save your family from this needless anguish. — Teresa Cross, Davison