Public hearing held for 2012 general fund budget

FLINT TWP. — The township expects to pay more for fire services next year but expenditures for police service will remain about the same. That’s part of the proposed 2012 budget picture presented at a public hearing Monday night at the township board meeting.

Faced with steadily declining property tax revenues, the township will dip into its fund balance to offset about an $830,0000 shortfall between expenses and revenues in 2012.

The proposed budget holds 2012 expenses at a 1.70 percent increase over this year’s expenses and a 6.42 percent decline in revenue, partly offset by a 7.31 percent fund balance increase.

Subject to final approval at the October 17 meeting, the 2012 budget projects total expenses at about $11 million up from $10.8 million this year. Projected revenues for 2012 are about $10.2 million, down from this year’s estimated $10.9 million.

Projections show a $4.2 million beginning fund balance and a $3.3 million end of year fund balance for 2012.

Among comments made during the public hearing were questions about areas being cut while others increased.

The elections commission budget has the biggest increase – 153.4 percent – up about $135,000 from $77,000 in 2011.

Funds budgeted for the fire department budget will increase 11.88 percent – up about $211,000 from $1.9 million this year.

The police department budget is virtually unchanged, increasing 0.23 percent from about $4.258 million in 2011 to $4.268 million in 2012.

The township board budget also is down 9.2 percent – a $7,148 decrease from $77,737 this year.

Supervisor Karyn Miller said that residents who have questions or concerns about the proposed budget can contact township officials during the next two weeks.

“We are looking to approve this budget at our next meeting which is October 17,’’ she said.

A copy of the budget will be posted on the township website after the board has approved it, she said.

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