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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The first meaningful game at Ford Field in years ends in a travesty. Yes, the Detroit Lions had a victory in their sight only to watch it vanish in the last four minutes and change. The Lions had a solid ten-point lead and could not hang on.

Let me say this, it wasn’t because the fans weren’t into it. Ford Field was in a state of frenzy and the place was truly electric. I have not seen that type of rowdiness in a long, long time. However, as many Lions’ games have ended over the years it ended in a loss and heartbreak for its loyal fan base. If the Detroiters could have pulled off this victory the Lions could have thought of a chance at winning the division. I realize that many of the stars would have had to be aligned for that to happen, but it could have. What we have left is another season of meaningless NFL football games.

One positive is the improvement is staggering in this football team. The last few years a team like the Jets would have blown the Lions out by halftime and the crowd would have left at halftime. The next step is learning how to win for this Detroit team. The far bigger concern is the future of Matthew Stafford as quarterback. Why? He is showing how un-durable he really is. I mean, that play he was hurt on is an everyday occurrence as a NFL quarterback. If Stafford can’t handle that, then he is toast in this league as a starting quarterback. A piece of china doll porcelain won’t get the job done. Hey, Matty, how about getting in the weight room and getting stronger? Oh, by the way, you are paid millions of dollars to take snaps as a Detroit Lions’ quarterback! Maybe an incentive-laced contract is the approach with you. Come on, Stafford, toughen up and play some football, will ya please! Prediction: Buffalo wins first game of season this Sunday.

Out with the trash

Let me get this Michigan triple overtime win out of my system right now. That win was straight out garbage. A Michigan fan that thought the win over Illinois was great and exciting needs their heads examined. Nobody should be subjected to the horrendous defensive

play by the Maize and Blue. What a freaking joke that defense is. I couldn’t stomach watching the Wolverines jump around after the win basking like it was some huge accomplishment. It stunk, and it is embarrassing if you are a follower of the Michigan football team. I was pulling for Illinois, so Rich Rod could find a job in the MAC.

Please lose at Purdue so we can rid Michigan football of

this probation-getting hillbilly. Michigan fans have suffered enough already.

Strawberry sportscakes:
The Pistons are struggling and there are absolutely no fans attending the games at the Palace….The Red Wings finish West Coast trip winning two of three making it a nice trip…The Dallas Cowboys have imploded and Wade Phillips received the ziggy…Wonder if Jerry Jones misses Bill Parcells?…I bet he does remember though Wade is a “player’s coach”. Parcells was not a player’s coach, but he won football games… It is time for the NFL picks and I feel real hot this week, so let’s get to them. Roll’em Sasha Bear:

ATLANTA – 1 over Baltimore
INDIANAPOLIS – 7 over Cincinatti
Houston + 1.5 over JACKSONVILLE
Tennessee – 1 over MIAMI
Minnesota -1 over CHICAGO
BUFFALO – 3 over Detroit
N.Y Jets – 3 over CLEVELAND
T.BAY – 6.5 over Carolina
DENVER + 1 over Kansas City
SAN FRAN – 6 over St. Louis
ARIZONA – 3 over Seattle
N.Y. GIANTS – 14 over Dallas
PITTSBURGH – 4.5 over New England
Philadelphia – 3 over WASHINGTON
LAST WEEK: 5-6-2 SEASON: 67-55- 8 LOCK: 5-3-1
LOCK PICK: Arizona

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