Pumpkin Festival to include a beer tent this year

DAVISON — The Davison Downtown Development Authority’s 2021 Pumpkin Festival will feature a beer tent during the evening hours from 8 p.m.-12 a.m.

The Davison City Council approved waiving the city’s ordinances Monday for excessive noise and alcohol consumption in downtown Davison the evening of Oct. 9 for an entertainment tent on Second Street between the alley and Main Street.

Councilwoman Jessica Abraham, who is also with the DDA and is coordinating the event, said this is a special license from the State of Michigan for one night only, inside an enclosed tent with a designated area outside for smoking.

“It is just for that night at that location,” she said. “It can’t go outside that area.”

Abraham said there will also be a DJ providing entertainment that evening at the tent. It will be the same DJ who will play music during the day at Pumpkin Festival and the night before – Oct. 8 – for the annual Trunk or Treat event on Main Street.

Police Chief Don Harris also gave his approval on the entertainment tent and and signed the license with the state. He said there will be a law enforcement and security presence there.

Also, at the Sept. 13 council meeting, City Manager Andrea Schroeder said the city is looking for volunteers at the Pumpkin Festival and urged anyone who would be able to give their time to contact her office at 810-653-2191.

She said the DDA would also be putting up orange and purple lights downtown for festivities.

“That should look really nice,” said Schroeder. “Those will be going up in the next couple of weeks.”

She said the city is looking forward to the annual event and at having a lot of people downtown.

Pumpkin Festival and Trunk or Treat were cancelled last year due to COVID-19.