Puppy Mill Awareness plans rallies

— The Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup will conduct a series of rallies in front of puppy-selling pet stores around and about southeast and mid Michigan, including rallies against The Family Puppy, 4340 Miller Rd., at the Genesee Valley Center.

The rallies against The Family Puppy are 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Dec. 4, 11 and 18-23. The focus of the rallies is to warn customers in various neighborhoods about the cruel conditions in puppy mills and their link to pet stores said organizer Pam Sordyl.

“Many families purchase puppies at pet stores as Christmas gifts and quickly discover health problems due to neglect, inbreeding and over-breeding in puppy mills. They may face significant veterinary bills or even the death of their puppy without understanding why,” she said. “Pet stores will tell customers that they do not buy puppies from puppy mills, but only mass-breeding facilities can fulfill the enormous demand for retail store puppy orders. Responsible breeders won’t sell dogs to pet stores for resale.”

Puppy Mill Awareness is asking Michigan pet stores to agree to the following: stop selling animals acquired from breeders in their store(s) or on the Internet; agree to transfer, sell or retail only dogs that are “rescued,” coming from animal shelters or 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue groups — not from Craigslist or other retail website; and agree to make these changes in every other business in which the store may have an interest, either currently or in the future.

Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup has already asked each of the following pet stores to stop selling puppies, and will conduct rallies in front of The Family Puppy and other stores. Participants will be given signs — all they need to do is show up to get involved.

Details or for locations of other planned rallies: Call Pam Sordyl at 734-718-7100 or email leroybrown01@yahoo.com.


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