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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

It’s amazing in the world of sports what can happen all in one week. It was last week that I wrote how spring training had two huge question marks for our Detroit Tigers. They were who would be the starting left fielder and who be the second baseman for our Detroit Tigers. However, then the Jaeger Bomb dropped (pun intended) as Miguel Cabrera was pulled over for a DUI in Florida. This is Miguel’s second run of alcohol-related issues. The year was 2009 and in late September, Cabrera was picked up on an alcohol issue during the last week of the baseball season. Supposedly, Miguel sobered up and he had an awesome 2010 baseball season hitting .328, 38 home runs, and 128 RBI. The 27- year-old slugger and $160 million man looked like he had his alcohol problems in the rear-view mirror. Wrong!

Miguel’s problem has resurfaced and the Tigers’ season is in trouble along with Miguel’s personal fight against alcohol. Mr. Cabrera’s personal life needs to be fixed first before he can worry about baseball. Mr. Cabrera needs to get sober and the Tiger’s need him on the playing field. The Detroit Tigers need Miguel Cabrera to play first base if they are to compete for a division title and possible World Series berth. I know one man doesn’t stop the show, but no Miguel, and the show will be a short documentary. I feel it’s a downright shame the Tigers will now have to hire a full-time babysitter for a 27-year-old man! Anyone out there looking for a summer job? Apply now for babysitters position with the Detroit Tigers. Miguel, straighten up and grow up, please!

Wish granted

The longest trade rumor in the history of the NBA finally came to a close on Monday night. Carmelo Anthony is finally a New York Knick. New York is where ‘Melo" wanted to land all along, so he got his wish. Here are the players heading to Denver: Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov and New York’s first round pick in 2014. The Knickswill get: Carmelo, Chauncey Billups, Renaldo Balkman, Shelden Williams, and Anthony Carter. The Minnesota Timberwolves, the third team involved, received Anthony Randolph, Eddie Curry and $3million in cash from the Knicks. Man, that is a lot of players getting a change of scenery.

The Denver Nuggets basically have put themselves in rebuilding mode and the playoffs are a thing of the past. Denver wasn’t going to win anything in the Western Conference anyway. What the New York Knicks did was team up a great scorer in Carmelo with Amar’e Stoudimire a pretty good one-two punch offensively.

The problem is, defensively there is no "D" in Carmelo or Amar’e, at all. That is a huge problem. The Knicks are hoping to lure one more "Star" player to the Big Apple to form their own "Big Three". There is a huge free agent class coming in 2012 players like Deron Williams or Chris Paul. Good luck to the Knicks and here’s a tip: don’t bring back Isiah Thomas to coach! One more thing, I hope Chauncey does well; he is a true professional ball player.

Blowing bubbles

The NCAA college hoop season is winding down fast and Michigan, Michigan State, and other Big Ten teams are on the bubble for the NCAA Tournament. Three teams are in for sure: Ohio State, Purdue, and Wisconsin. Bubble teams are MSU, U-M, Illinois, Penn State, Minnesota and Northwestern. Michigan State is currently at 7-7 in the league and 15-11 overall. MSU had a huge game Tuesday against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. After Minnesota, the Spartans have Purdue and Iowa at home and then a season-ending road trip to Ann Arbor. Michigan currently sits at 7-8 in league play and 17-11 overall. Michigan has three games left with Wisconsin at home and Minnesota on the road. Then MSU to end the season. Bottom line is, nine teams from Big Ten are in the hunt and probably only six getting in the Tournament. What a wild finish it should be in the Big Ten.

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