Ramsgate drain proposal tabled until next week

FLINT TWP. — Heavy rains in May 2012 created severe flooding in the Ramsgate neighborhood, south of Calkins Road and west of Elms Road. With spring approaching, township officials are looking at ditching and drain-clearing work to prevent a recurrence.

The project was originally approved last fall using leftover funds from a snow clearing pilot project, said Supervisor Karyn Miller. But it has since been learned that those funds cannot be used for that project because the drain is not in the road right-of-way. So the project proposal and an estimated cost came back to the township board last week for approval. But the board voted unanimously to postpone a decision until its next meeting March 17, to allow time to get additional estimates.

The board has one estimate for $14,239 from Curbco Inc. of Swartz Creek for work between 1036 and 1066 Ramsgate that would include excavating overgrowth and silt from a drainage ditch, fine grading along a creek bank, installing grass seed and straw, removing and replacing fencing and hauling away debris.

Miller said the funds must come from the sewer and water fund.

The Chapman drain and the Ramsgate drain both run through this neighborhood, Miller said. The county Drain Commissioner is responsible for the Chapman drain and authorized to spend up to $5,000 per year on a onemile portion to maintain it. But the township is responsible for the Ramsgate Drain, she said.

During the severe May 2012 flooding, residents in the area were calling the township to ask of the drain pumps were working, Miller said. But there are no pumping station in that area.

Trustee Belenda Parker made a motion, seconded by Trustee Barb Vert, to postpone a decision on the Ramsgate drain project to allow time to get more estimates. Parker also asked for a comparison estimate from the Drain Commission to get some idea of what it should cost. Miller agreed but said the drain commission will not do the actual work.

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