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Normally being angry about politics is good fodder for a column, but given the current political environment, all my righteous indignation has just worn me the heck out. So I will give that a rest and just give you some (Warning!) random ramblings from the inner recesses of my brain today….

I am thrilled as heck about Back to School this year— because every time it pops up, I gleefully remember that after 20-some years, I don’t have to buy anything. Of course, I might ask the step-daughter if my grandson needs anything—but she usually has it covered.

It does feel odd not to have my life rotate around the school calendar anymore—that’ll be an adjustment. Meanwhile my youngest is working the carousel at Crossroads Village; so if you are out there this summer with your littles or grand-littles, feel free to say hello to my mini-me.

Of course, her job being seasonal, come November, she will be available for employment (hint, hint). I do have a rant about that, although part of the problem is my driving record—I promise I am reformed—but given the luck I have had on the road the last three years, I am paying an absolutely astronomical rate for insurance.

Anyone who has a teen driver can probably relate. I am not sure how the powers that be expect teens to get a good job when one can hardly afford insurance, much less a car, gas and a place to live. I certainly don’t get how other families do it, but most that do have two-income households. Honestly, it drives me to desperation with worry. Like any parent, I want the best for my kid, but with my limited resources, I don’t know what I can do. There is public transportation, but when your adorable daughter weighs 92 pounds soaking wet, I don’t see using the MTA, which routes through downtown for almost any destination from our house, as a safe option.

She might have to Uber it, but I feel just as queasy when I think about her getting a ride from a stranger. A registered and licensed stranger, but still— it’s not unknown that they or similar services have their ‘undesirables’.

Currently her schedule and mine, for the most part, are complimentary and the grandparents are pitching in as well. But it’s a big worry. Too bad we don’t play the lottery—a teen in Florida recently won $500 a week for life with a scratch-off ticket.

I always wonder what I would do if I won the lottery—but I am pretty sure I would give a lot of it away— probably to the afore-mentioned kids as, like most parents, I have a hard time saying “No,” unless it’s for their own good, of course.

Also, I would save a bunch for retirement but might keep working. I do enjoy being “the people’s watchdog” and have no plans to quit anytime soon. Maybe I would and could be more active in causes I support— there seems to be a need for activism these days. Enjoy your week!

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