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Trying to sit down and compose my column this week, I found myself overwhelmed with all that has happened in the past week. Life, job and the world around me have all sort of run together recently. Here’s a look at my jumble of thoughts:

• I was told this week by a reader I shouldn’t call a dismissed public employee “fired” in articles I write. Because the employee was terminated due to a lack of money in the budget, I was told “fired” is not an acceptable term.

I determined the phrase “laid-off” wasn’t going to work since there was no chance the employee would be rehired, and no alternative reference was offered up by the complaining party, so left to my own devices I turned to the thesaurus.

The following words will now be acceptable for public employees who are no longer employed — canned, sacked, pink-slipped, ax, boot, discharge, expel…and so on.

Oh heck, let’s just call it fired. It all means the same thing anyway.

• It’s time for a haircut. Looked in the mirror this morning and with my sideburns I’m looking like Wolverine in X-Men.
As long as big, long knives don’t come out of my hands now I’m safe until I make it to the barbershop.

• My son is playing youth football this fall. Out on the field during tackling practice he amused all the parents when he yelled out, “Don’t tackle me dufus, you’re on my team!”

• Recently attended the unveiling of a fountain at the Davison Township Veteran’s Memorial and discovered my father’s name, and those of two uncles, are included on the memorial for having served in World War II. I was happily surprised to have their names on the monument.

• Speaking of veterans, I’m urging everyone to attend the first ever Main Street Music Festival, Sept. 25 on Main Street in Davison. Vendor proceeds from the free concert featuring five local bands, will benefit the Davison VFW Post 4087, which has been struggling with the mortgage on its hall. This is a good cause helping those who served this nation and community — as well as good music.

• I’ve got to clean my desk. I can’t find anything on it. A friend of mine complained she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and can’t stop cleaning her

house — I suggested she stop by and spend some time at my office. My desk alone could keep her busy for hours.

• As I write this it’s storming outside. The lights keep flickering and I just put the computer on its charger. I wonder if my bosses would accept the excuse that a power outage kept me from writing my column this week? I’m thinking that excuse has about as much of a chance of flying as “my dog ate my column.”

• I let my soon-to-be 13-year-old daughter stay up on her last weekend visit and watch scary shows on TV with me. I was all happy because she actually sat on the couch with me and put her head on my shoulder just like when she was a baby. Not many more times like that ahead as she grows up. But then the other shoe fell. After I went to bed she kept coming and waking me up to say, “Dad I’m scared.” “Dad, what was that noise?” “Dad, a light just turned on in the other room!” Next time she gets to stay up and watch Barney or Dora The Explorer with me — just like when she was a baby.

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