Random thoughts while sitting in my comfy chair



I came home from the office the other day, got comfortable and sat down in my comfy chair. There I tried to brainstorm an idea for a column.

People ask if it’s easy to come up with a topic for my column every week and the answer is “heck yeah.” Some weeks they practically write themselves, other weeks I find myself sitting and stewing as I ponder a dozen or so ideas.

This week I decided was just going to write about whatever came to my mind as my random thoughts came to me. Here’s what I came up with:

Just before I sat down to write, I was playing with the dog. He got a little aggressive trying to hold onto his toy that I was pulling on to take from him and he accidentally nipped my thumb. He left a small cut that was bleeding, so I called up to Anita and asked her to bring me down a Band-Aid when she had a chance. The Band-Aid she brought was from the Marvel comics pack we have on-hand for when my son is over. That’s right, I was wearing a Spiderman Band-Aid as I wrote this column.

Speaking of my dog, Gunnar, he barks at everything. As I’m trying to write, I can hear him upstairs barking at something. Who knows what it is. He once barked at a leaf blowing across the pavement and another time he barked at falling snow. I know I’m safe from leaves and snow with Gunnar around. I can sleep easier tonight knowing this.

Here’s something really random: iPhones have too many ringtones. Anita has a ringtone for text messages that sounds like someone sending a Morse code message. Every time I hear it I’m unable to stop myself from saying in a 1930s radio voice: “This is the S.S. Titanic, we’ve hit an iceberg and we’re taking on water in the North Atlantic.” She laughs, but I’m pretty sure the joke is no longer funny.

On the subject of cell phones, the first thing my daughter does every time she gets a new phone is she somehow breaks the screen. I can never tell when she has a new phone, because each one has a cracked screen in the same place literally within days of getting it. The girl needs a phone protected in bubble wrap.

Does owning a big pickup truck automatically entitle the driver to tailgate those of us who drive cars? Because that’s how it seems to be every time I’m driving. And all the big pickups seem to either be going to or from the northern part of the county, or to and from the Lapeer area. I’ve gotten so I just pull over and let them pass.

So yes, when I’m suffering writer’s block this is the way I try to come up with an idea for a column. It’s not a science, but I find sometimes it works well and it probably gives readers a little bit more insight into my twisted mind than they want to have. ggould@mihomepaper.com

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