Reader expresses opinion regarding BLM

Has BLM benefited one black person except the now-former co-founder Patrice Culler who spent more than $3 million on several homes for herself? Again, BLM deserves to be supported because…?

My April 8 letter enumerated still-relevant reasons for NOT enacting the misnamed “For the People” and other bills.

The Sound of Silence is Still Deafening.

Mandate vaccines? Remember “my body, my choice”? Mandate vaccine passports, but call voter I.D. racist voter suppression? Every vaccinated person should refuse to patronize venues limited to vaccinated people now to deter predictable future mandates stifling freedoms he may like and want to keep.

White House replaces the word “mothers” with “birthing people” because “there are certain people who do not have gender identities.”

Biden celebrated National Prayer Day without once mentioning God.

GBCS is embracing “equity” — a/k/a “sugar-coated Socialism.” Outgoing- Superintendent Garner asserts “equity is not CRT,” and is “disappointed people made it political,” announcing plans to hire “equity teams,” using “federal grants.” Biden is offering federal grants as an “incentive” for schools to teach CRT. Coincidence? Who made it political? In an “equity” video, enthusiastically applauded by the board at the May 24 meeting, I noticed “experts” solve perceived “inequity” by seemingly taking from one and giving to another instead of employing commonsense problem-solving which would encourage all students to reach their potential and yearn to learn. Which do you choose, encouragement or suppression?

The final board meeting is Monday, June 21. Details at GBCS website.

Interested in parents’ comments about CRT? A good start online: Kory and Royalty Yeshua; Tatiana, NY, XI Van Fleet, VA, and Jolene, VA.

Have you noticed Trump was right on a few “minor” details: COVID’s origin, masks, prolonged lockdowns, school closings, and Hydroxychloroquine, to name a few? Fauci/Mr. Science, the CDC, NIH, WHO, the Left, and state and social media lied, vilifying Trump and his supporters, like always, as racist cultists and conspirators. Some Trump-haters are surreptitiously easing the truth into their conversations, but without admitting blame or affording Trump credit. How many lives were lost or ruined by COVID, suicide, and drug overdose because of their Trump hatred, affinity for China, and lust for power? They hid the truth from millions, playing/gaming/gaslighting them into voting against Trump and help destroy America. Sad to say it is working.

Enough “wokeness”! Wake up!

May God Bless, Help, and – with our help – Save America! — Theresa Weigand, Grand Blanc