Readers lend a hand in license plate hunt



I write an occasional column about vanity license plates, just for fun, and while it may seem like I locate these plates by myself, I often have a little help from friends and family.

My girlfriend, her kids, my son and some of my friends have been a great help in reporting back to me some of the odd and quirky plates I’ve mentioned here over the past several years.

Another great help lately has been through feedback from readers. Some of those who enjoy the column have sent me e-mails with some of their own vanity plate sightings, their thoughts on those I’ve mentioned here and some have even offered up their own plates for a good laugh.

Here’s what some readers have had to say:

HS4SALE — “My daughter said it meant a house for sale for maybe a Realtor. I laughed and said it probably was a parent fed up with Michigan’s education system and it was advertising High School for sale. Your pick.”

CAR CAR — I was stumped by this one last time I wrote a piece on plates, but one reader had this insight: “I remember a song by Peter, Paul & Mary (’60s) in which they sang, “— take me for a ride in your car car!” Maybe the vanity plate owner was a P P & M fan (like me).”

IMRNGL8 — “It’s mine and says I’m running late,” said reader Heather. “My sister saw it on a Virginia plate and said if we have vanity plates here in Michigan, it should be mine.” Heather then went on to out her sister’s vanity plate: “And then there is my sister’s plate: SKI4FUN, which doesn’t even need an explanation.”

She also has an observation on a plate I mentioned in a recent column — “Oh, and I figured GOTROOT belonged to a dentist.”

If I ever need help figuring out plates, I now know who to turn to. Thanks, Heather.

My friend Dave had these observations:

MVRYSLW — “This was on an Infiniti SUV, going 10 mph over the speed limit!” Not so slow after all.

BIGTEEZ — “On a BMW, tried to catch up to see what the driver looked like but had tinted windows and made sure to stay ahead of me.” Looks like this driver lived up to his or her name, Dave.

CANTD55 — “Yellow Corvette … looked like it was going 55 mph while standing still.” Was the Red Rocker Sammy Hagar himself possibly driving it? Inquiring minds want to know.

One of my reporters here at the newspaper, Paula Schmidt, offered up these plates she found:

RDARLUV — I’ll bet the police also “love” this one.

REDCEDR — Is that ‘red cedar’? That’s an odd plate for a car. I need somebody to explain this one.

Thank you everyone who has helped me gather these vanity plates these past five years, and please — keep them coming.

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