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The Power of Hurley Pediatric



FLINT — Marvel Comic Icon Iron Man was at Hurley Children’s Hospital last Thursday, but the true superhero was 7 year-old Isaiah Struck standing beside him.

The small, yet mighty wonder visited the hospital to give thanks to the staff of doctors, nurses, and other caregivers who saved his body and spirit from the potential lasting health ramifications of suffering intense burn damage to a majority of his body when hewasa3year-oldpatient.

Isaiah arrived by ambulance from his hometown of Bay City, along with his family into the hospital’s pediatric unit after a summer bonfire accident.

Robert Struck, Isaiah’s father said, “It was June 15 2010 and we were at one moment having fun at a bonfire party, and all of a sudden we were jumping in an ambulance with dirty clothes on, and heading to a hospital far away.”

Isaiah’s parents, and older sister Julia are certain the trip to Hurley Children’s Hospital was worth the drive, having seen what amazing work and kindness their son and brother received by the award-winning hospital with state-of-the-art care.

The young boy was burned to such an intense degree, he was deemed by some as seemingly facing a life of incredible disability.

His medical journey has been remarkable, so much so it is seen as something like a miracle situa- tion by Hurley Public Relations Administrator Ilene Cantor.

Cantor said, “You would never know by looking at him how severely he was injured.”

He currently is an active and healthy typical grade school student, who enjoys wrestling and all the other pleasures of a full youth. Isaiah donning his own mask and cape, paired with a huge smile emitting pure childhood happiness on June 5, looked as if he never endured a single physical or emotional trauma in his life.

Hurley Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Director Doctor Sharman said, “That is our goal. We don’t let Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder affect the children from the event they experience, or their hospital stay.”

Cantor is proud to work at a hospital where she knows the staff is of the caliber, both in education and in demeanor to get a patient back to their optimal health condition and treat them during their stay with a manner that leaves a lasting positive impression on the entire family.

Isaiah, the celebratory winner of a contest sponsored by Speedway in collaboration with The Children’s Miracle Network, won an online contest called “Battle of the Brave” and was honored with the highest number of votes on Facebook, surpassing 47,000.

The nation-wide contest provided him a special day, and his image will soon be placed on the company’s advertisements across the country.

The contest also gave something very important to Hurley Children’s Hospital, a place the Struck family are so grateful for.

“They treated all of us great here,” said Robert.

When addressing those who tended to him post- traumatic accident with skill, and to all who were endeared to his recovery story, Isaiah said, “I want to thank everyone who voted for me and getting the hospital $20,000. It could just help one person.”

“It could help another kid like me,” he added.

Isaiah also said, “I want to thank my grandma who voted for me over 100 times.”

This is the second year in a row that Hurley Children’s Hospital have taken home the “Battle of the Brave” $20,000 award to benefit future pediatric patients, because of how effectively and warmly they healed the ones before them.

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