Reflective address signs promoted

A sample mailbox with reflective sign is on display in the lobby at the township hall.

A sample mailbox with reflective sign is on display in the lobby at the township hall.

FLINT TWP. — You have a home emergency. You call for help from police, fire or ambulance. How quickly can they find your house? Is your address properly displayed on the house and/or mailbox?

Critical lifesaving minutes can be wasted when first responders have to scramble around, especially at night, trying to find a house with an obscure address.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said that when driving around she has noticed several houses don’t have clearly marked addresses. She announced a new program aimed at rectifying the problem that also will raise funds for the township fire department.

The township board has endorsed Bill Foster of My Reflective Address Sign Company to work with township residents. The signs cost $20 each but one dollar from each sale will be donated to the fire department, Miller said.

Trustee Frank Kasle asked if having addresses on the mailbox is sufficient or if they are also needed on the house.

Milled said the signs comply with a state law and the International Property Maintenance Code. The International Property Maintenance Code is an internationally recognized minimum standard, designed to safeguard property and the public welfare by regulating use and maintenance of residential buildings and structures within a municipal jurisdiction.

“We like to see them (reflective signs) out there because they are easier to see,’’ said Fire Chief John Ringwelski, of the glow-in-the-dark signs that are easily spotted by the roadside at night.

He also noted that they stand out in snow. Last winter’s heavy snowfall all but buried a lot of mailboxes making the reflective signs significant because of their visibility, he said.

Do your own test. Go outside at night or take note when driving up to your home if the address can be clearly seen at a distance.

If you need a sign, call the township office at 810-732-1350 to set up an appointment with Bill Foster.

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