Register of Deeds office releases statement regarding misuse of technology fund

GENESEE COUNTY – The Genesee County Register of Deeds office alleges misuse of the technology fund to pay for employee wages and unauthorized purchases in a news release sent out by County Clerk John Gleason last week.

Gleason said the Genesee County Commission has been “pillaging” money reserved for updating technology in his office. In accordance with Public Act 698 passed by the Michigan Legislature on March 31, 2003, quoted by the clerk, counties are to establish an “’automation fund’ to be expended by the register of deeds to upgrade technology in the office” and that “$5 of the total fee collected for each recording shall be deposited in the automation fund.”

“The $5 from each transaction, by law, is to be deposited into the New Technology Fund for the sole purpose of funding technology specified by the Michigan Legislature,” said the release.

These specification include “the design and purchase of equipment and supplies” and “implementation of systems and procedures that allow the register of deeds to receive, enter, record, certify, index, store, search and retrieve, copy and otherwise process by automated procedures.”

Gleason mentions the crucial importance of the funds for bringing his office into the twenty-first century; especially now, during Flint’s water crisis.

“The Register of Deeds office needs the funds to upgrade outdated equipment,” said the statement.

The controversy surrounding the fund has been a source of ongoing controversy since May of last year. The County Commissioners recently approved a second audit of the technology fund to be done by Plante Moran after questioning

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