Remember When …



Since before being settled, Genesee County has been the hub of growth ion the area because of all its natural resources. I love Pure Michigan! No other place in the America is like it. I have been in 49 states, from sea to shining sea and we are truly blessed with sunsets everywhere by the water and birds singing in the trees.

So, as the state opens up following the lifting of the stay-at-home order, look back on the journey our ancestors took to get us here – it wasn’t easy. But SO worth it!

Native Americans were here before the American settlers came into Michigan in the 1700s, they learned to work together, even making a trading post to barter for what they needed. In Michigan the best way to move things was through the rivers, because there were so many trees. Genesee County like most the other towns were settled by rivers, to grow crops and to move the timber down-river to the mill. The main water ways were: Flint River to the Saginaw River and Bay City.

Photos courtesy of the Burton Area Historical Society

Photos courtesy of the Burton Area Historical Society

We had an Underground Railroad, to free the slaves and a military road, for our soldiers to walk through into battle. When Mr. Fisher wanted to resort in Miami, he built the Dixie Highway, from the Upper Peninsula to Miami, Florida it went through Genesee County.

We have been at the center of some inventions such as carriages, and all the parts of an automobile and settling farms together after all the wars. Farmland was given to soldiers after the wars, especially the Civil War, to settle Michigan.

We are a Strong State, we believe in unity, protecting our natural resources and hard work. When the Erie Canal was finished in 1825 life changed in the Midwest and gave a boost to the economy of about 10 percent, while increasing trade by 62 percent. Between 1830-1869, the new railroads were connected coast to coast for easier travel for all. With railroads growing across the nation, things started to move faster. Even though we are a nation of growth we don’t always get it right. As I study history, I find times where the big company takes over the little guy and it’s sad.



Let’s all work together as we start fresh and open America Strong! Enjoy travel and in whatever mode you chose, be safe. My prayer is that we can live in the United States of America in peace and without bias.

Remember When is a weekly column in the Burton View featuring historical stories about the community from the Burton Area Historical Society. If you have some Burton history to share, email