Remember When …

Photos courtesy of the Burton Area Historical Society

Photos courtesy of the Burton Area Historical Society

Genesee County has a lot of wonderful history and is a beautiful place to live. Located right in the middle of the eastern lower part of Michigan, sort of like a hub of a wheel.

This made a good place for trade between Detroit and the north, which a lot started after the War of 1812 was over, they traded with the Chippewa’s.

Genesee County is very important to me, the history goes back to before Americas even set foot on this great nation, we call home. Jacob Smith born in Quebec (his parents were of German descent) he adopted the Chippewa ways and his wife Mary, and he moved to Michigan.

By 1825 he built a log cabin in what is now known as part of Flint. Jacob was the first one to build a solid log cabin on the Flint River that stayed while he was trading with the Chippewa Indian’s, this became part of the Smith reservation.

Chippewa’s tribes were all over the northwestern part of the United States before the British set the boundaries lines (not like they are now). Parts Quebec, Minnesota and Michigan were together after the War of 1812 the lands become more divided; the Native Americans lost more of their homeland, so let’s protect our homeland and not let the larger countries come and take it over. America is a land of opportunity and the whole world has always seen us as a great country.



Let’s stay home, be safe and not be afraid, this virus will pass, just like all the other conflicts, wars and economic problems in American history has faced. We are Pure Michigan, MADE IN USA and America Strong!

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