Remember When …

The Frost family from Atlas Township. Photo provided

The Frost family from Atlas Township. Photo provided

As I finish our tour around Genesee County, I hope I didn’t miss your area. If so send me an email, we can find out your town’s history together.

This week we are on the eastern side of our county, going through Davison Township then south to Atlas Township to Goodrich. I know you hear historical facts on Davison all the time in the Davison Index, but did you know the city has its own water system?

The City of Davison has a wonderful downtown, if you ever want to see how people lived back in the day take a stroll down Main Street. I had a lot of cousins that lived there since the 1950s, some were florists and even an aunt who was a school bus driver.

There is a factory there called Fernco, and there’s the Davison Farmers Market. What do we know about M-15? When it began in 1919 it was in the Upper Peninsula along the Menominee River.

Currently M-15 is called the “Pathway to Family Fun Recreational Heritage Route” and part of the Pure Michigan Byway. M-15 goes from Bay City through Davison continues south to Clarkston. From Bay City to Clarkston there is a rummage sale every year on M-15. Have you every shopped there? The first settlers in Atlas Township was Asa Farrar in 1830, his brother Pearson Farrar settled in Grand Blanc Township on the border of the townships that same year. Both families were from Monroe, New York.



The second settlement was Judge Davison in 1831, other people moved in the area where it was a nice place to live by Thread and Kearsley creeks. In fall of 1835 things changed when two brothers, Moses and Enos Goodrich, with their families, purchased 1,000 acres from the government in the center of Atlas Township.

The Goodrich family helped to build up the town with a grist-flour mill, stores, churches, schools, the community and social events. The Goodrich family had businessman to politicians, such as Enos Goodrich, who was elected to the State Legislature in 1835.

Being close to the Grand Blanc, Fenton, Burton, Lapeer and Oakland County, the township was a route that many have gone through.

Have you started your family history journal yet? This will make a good Christmas present find old recipes and photos and share your story for years to come. Please be thankful for all the veterans that have served to keep safe, this week.

Remember When is a weekly column in the Burton View featuring historical stories about the community from the Burton Area Historical Society. If you have some Burton history to share, email