Remember When …

An early photo of the Carriage Town Mission. Photo provided

An early photo of the Carriage Town Mission. Photo provided

November is the month of Thanksgiving and we honor veterans and military families with Veterans Day. We have a lot to be thankful for in America. We volunteer to help others around us, be thankful for our families, freedoms, and a beautiful country., in downtown Flint, not only is a mission, but it helps the homeless and veterans. I love the way they have helped everyone since 1950, they even opened up the Blueline donuts shop to raise money for their own needs.

Veterans are very important to us in Michigan, there are currently more than 26,000 veterans in Genesee County, according to John Nelson, the director, of the Veterans Services for Genesee County.

The “History of Genesee County” reference book, written by Franklin Ellis in 1879 (also online) is where I get a lot of information from for this column. This book is full of stories of how our towns started. I use lots of other references for my history research.



The first public exigency in 1846- 1848 was commanded by Col. T. B. W. Stockton, during the Mexican War, and we didn’t have a lot people that could leave their homes, so they combined troops with others.

The second Infantry was in 1861, after the fall of Fort Sumter was during the Civil War. By then Genesee County was ready a group called the “Flint Union Grays” that was founded in 1857, when President Abraham Lincoln called them to arms, they were ready to serve.

We have always been a people of service to others in our county; that is why this is a great place to live. Do you have family that was in the military? Well from talking to families you find out a lot of folks came here after a war. This is the way they settled a lot of the west, by giving land in a state for the time served in the military.

My family is very patriotic, being in every war since the Revolutionary War. I love the family stories of how they moved to Michigan. Have you written a letter to a solider or said “thank you” to a veteran? It’s very important to keep in touch with all veterans and military families and thank them so they don’t feel forgotten.

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