Remember When …

This marker is located along the U.S. Military Road used in 1827 at the Point on Saginaw Road in Grand Blanc. Photo provided

This marker is located along the U.S. Military Road used in 1827 at the Point on Saginaw Road in Grand Blanc. Photo provided

In 2021 we start a new chapter. We have all gotten a chance to really, “find ourselves” in the lockdown — heck, you couldn’t get away from yourself. How did we handle a crisis like this lockdown, the Great Depression or a war?

America has been living in fear of the unknown and we need to know it will be OK. Americans are brave and strong, like the Girl Scouts motto was always “Be Prepared.” My Mother was a Girl Scout leader with the Fairwinds Council for 35 years.

Now that we have seen what being stuck in the house and learned how to manage everything from home, we all be more confident do it better next time. 2020 taught us how to be kinder and more respectful of others, especially our own family. Now that we can actually get outside and breathe some fresh air, do it!

Check out a park or trail like For-Marin Burton, with acres to walk or snow ski, and if that is too cold then take a walk in the local malls. If you are still having a problem and not being able to get out and need help call a friend or a crisis counselor, they are available 24/7.



Nature trails and walking paths are a wonderful way to get fresh air in Genesee County, the Saginaw Indian Trail is the longest and most traveled trail still being used today, as part of Saginaw Road, Dixie Highway and other names from Detroit to Saginaw.

The St. Joseph Trail is another ancient Native American trail used in the southern portion of Michigan, which became one of our first public highways (I-94 and US-12). The U.S. Military Road was used in 1827 and has a marker at the point on Saginaw Road in Grand Blanc. The U.S. Military Road was important because it was used by the soldiers for transporting of troops and munitions of war between the forts at Detroit and Mackinaw, and part of the Saginaw Trail is in it.

Have you taken a walk outside this past summer or fall? I did and took lots of photos of every season. I love to get outside all year and see the seasons of our beautiful state, even winter with snow skiing or snowmobile trails.

Our “Pure Michigan” Iron Belle Trail is the longest designated state trail in the nation. This a scenic hiking or bike trail that starts in Detroit and goes all the way to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan even going through Genesee County. Did you know we are known as the “Trails State” with 2,100 miles of trails, all types of adventure year round check out with some state parks included

As we start 2021 let’s all chose a good path to walk this year and stay positive by helping a neighbor in need.

Remember When is a weekly column in the Burton View featuring historical stories about the community from the Burton Area Historical Society. If you have some Burton history to share, email