Remember When …

A look back at an Easter Egg hunt sometime in the past. Photo provided

A look back at an Easter Egg hunt sometime in the past. Photo provided

Easter is the oldest international holiday, celebrated around the world and basically for the same reason; the death on a cross.

Let’s look at some of the fun facts of Easter and why it’s one of the most celebrated Christian holidays, next to Christmas; bringing hope and peace to many.

Most of us remember getting a new outfit or hat for church on Easter, greetings cards, hunting for Easter or Paschal eggs, getting a basket full of candy with a chocolate bunny in it. The colored eggs, chicks, Cadbury eggs and bunnies are a symbol of fertility and new birth, just like springtime.

Then, when Peeps came along, we always had them with jelly beans, did you? America became a country for our freedoms; like owning our own property, freedom to speak our opinions and freedom of religion.

Easter history is very interesting, it has been celebrated around the world since after the resurrection happened over 2000 years ago. This reminds of when of Jesus rose from the grave on Easter morning. Have you ever heard of “Fat Tuesday” or “Mardi Gras” the day before Lent starts and eat sweets like a Paczki?



Let’s start with the beginning of Lent, which is known as Ash Wednesday, this time of reflection, praying and fasting from luxuries for is 40 days, prior to Easter. “Palm Sunday” the week before Easter when people were laying palm branches on the road as Jesus came to Jerusalem. This is a Holy week and all the traditions leading up to the Passover celebration.

Wednesday is the day called “Spy day”, the day Judas sold-out Jesus’ hiding place to the leaders for the price of a slave.

Thursday, the Last Supper of Jesus, he met with his disciples, washed their feet, telling them what was to come and broke bread and drank wine with them (this is why we have communion). The next day was “Good Friday” the day Jesus was tried, beaten, made to carry a cross for miles, and then crucified, while forgiving the sin of the world. On Easter morning Jesus Christ came back to life. This is the Easter history in the Bible, Britannica, Huffington post and even Wikipedia.

As we are in this week of celebration, let’s all pray for our families, our leaders and our military around the world. When American colonists first were making settlements across the vast land of United States, people did not even speak the same languages, so holidays were different, and they did not celebrate the same holidays. This was because they came from all over the world to the new land of freedom.

After the Civil War the celebration of Easter became more popular in America, because of all the deaths from the war. We started to unite together as a country, for a common goal of peace. War changes the way we think, and during this holiday season, let’s practice kindness. Enjoy your family this spring, plant a garden and teach your children how new life begins was a seed of hope.

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